Playing with a Puppy: Ideas and Keys

Playing with your puppy can be a challenge if you don’t know how to keep him entertained. Here we will give you some tips to help you improve your relationship with your dog.

When purchasing or adopting a puppy we must consider both psychological and physiological needs what do these animals have since they are very similar to humans. Just as you need to be vigilant and visit the veterinarian from time to time to ensure that vaccinations and checkups are up to date, we should play with our puppies Because through play, your body develops in a healthy way.

Dogs have psychological needs tooDogs have psychological needs too

And that’s what The first three months of a dog’s life are very important lay the foundations for proper emotional and social development. The desire to play in puppies appears very early, no more and no less than at 3 weeks of age, so understanding our dog and offering games is very important, first of all, for understand our pet and secondly, to help you and teach you to play with respect and moderation.

However, it should be noted that not all games are suitable or beneficial for our puppies, as there are ways of play that can help their development. aggression in adulthood or they may even cause them to disobey in the future. Thus, owners should act like their parents and teach them through play so that they acquire social skills.

How to teach through games

First of all, we need to establish some basics:

Playing with your dog will create a special bond between you.Playing with your dog will create a special bond between you.

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Through play, we establish a bond with our puppy, a bond that will later determine the quality of our relationship. We must make him see that he is not playing with another dog, but with a person whom he must respect and obey. To achieve these results it is important that we are We decide when the game starts and ends..

Don’t bite too hard

When a dog is separated from its mother, small puppies remain unlearned some lessons, so the owners must bear the responsibility for teaching them. To prevent the puppy from biting too much, you need to let him bite and when he bites hardLightly tap or pinch his face to soften his force.

We have to teach them to bite in moderation.We have to teach them to bite in moderation.

Don’t break everything

Puppies play half the day and sleep the other half, so if we leave them alone at home, they may get bored and want to play with some object in the house, destroying it (chairs, rugs, slippers…). Therefore, the best way to avoid this behavior is to tire them out physical activityduring long walks or high-intensity games.

Games to do with your dog

Something that is very motivating for dogs, food rewards. They are the perfect addition to your puppy’s playtime as he will do his best to do it well.

  • obedience game : Learning and following orders in a relaxed environment will be a game you both will enjoy. Teach him to lie down, sit, roll, give a paw…
  • smell of the game : The most developed organ of dogs is undoubtedly the sense of smell. Take advantage of this and play with it, leave a trail that leaves a certain smell, play hide and seek with cookies…
  • peekaboo : When he comes to you, when you call him, you can play. Hide somewhere he doesn’t know and make a signal he can hear. This game will be very interesting for both of you. You can also play hide and seek with the toy.

Keys when playing with a puppy

  1. Keep in mind that your dog doesn’t know everything. For this reason, it is very important that you do not skip any steps when teaching him to play.
  2. Start teaching him the most difficult things. If you start with the most difficult, the rest, in comparison, will be much easier for the puppy.
  3. Use positive reinforcement with cookies or food he likes. Yes, this is the most effective, fastest and most interesting way to teach your dog commands. give him a prize right the moment he places the order as you wantNever before.
  4. Don’t exhaust it. Leaves let him be the one who sets the rhythmswhat’s more important is to be able to create a training program and dedicate a little time each day to make a big effort in just one day.
  5. Be patient. Don’t assume that they will know what you want from them, because they probably won’t.
It is important that puppies have daily physical activity.It is important that puppies have daily physical activity.

Now that you know a few little tricks to play and have fun with your dog, you can put them into practice. Dogs, like people, have different powers, so don’t expect everything to work out the first time. Be patient, they may be a little naughty at first, they are still puppies and They have a lot of vitality. But above all, enjoy the moments you spend with them as they are very wise and will be grateful to you.

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