Prevent and cure furunculosis

Furunculosis is an infectious skin infection that occurs due to lack of proper hygiene or a weakened immune system.

A boil is a Minor skin infectionBut it is one of the most painful things we can suffer. Irritating, unsightly and contagious These are some adjectives we can use to define a boil and it can be unpleasant. When many occur at the same time and in the same place, which may be more common than we would like, it is thought that we are suffering from furunculosis, a skin disease that cures it. Of course, treatment usually lasts two weeks until the boil disappears.

Furunculosis It is usually caused by inadequate sanitation, Some people are more prone to this disease than others. Diabetic patients have severe skin inflammation and weak immune system. etc. moist parts of the body Armpits, hips, breasts, neck or legs They appear frequently. Further They may appear on the face, This makes it difficult to hide from the eyes of others and forces you to abandon any beauty treatments.

How to Diagnose a Boil

Looks like a bite

The symptoms of furunculosis are obvious. It all starts when we detect a boil, because something very simple At first they look like stings, but they hurt instead of stinging. In addition to being a physical concern for the skin, they usually worsen with intense pain. It’s practically impossible not to notice you have one. As if that were not enough, in the first days it increases in size, becomes more clear and makes it clear what it is.

Furunculosis is an infection of the faceFurunculosis is an infection of the face

It can be confused with a pimple

A boil is a skin condition, so it is usually visible to the naked eye. First of all It can be confused with a pimple, an insect bite and even an allergic reaction. for some beauty products, but we’ll soon realize that’s not one of those options. It has a reddish tone and the surrounding skin acquires a livid color, which, in a few days, remains with a yellow blister in the center.

A more severe form of furunculosis is called anthrax.

The boil can grow to the size of a golf ball, but only in very severe cases. In most cases It is only two millimeters in diameter. Many can occur in the same area, so we will talk about the most severe furunculosis, also known as anthrax.

Things get complicated and the film becomes even more unpleasant They look like several points of pus, practically merging with each other, which means that the pain also increases significantly. We should also add that there are usually dead cells in that area of ​​the skin. The film is very unpleasant and depending on where it is on the body, it can make the normal development of the daily routine very difficult.

Treatment of furunculosis

Sometimes having a boil on the skin It is accompanied by general malaise and fever, because we must not forget that it is an infection. In that case, the doctor will recommend taking oral antibiotics to reduce the temperature while waiting for the furunculosis treatment to take effect.

Its symptoms include feverIts symptoms include fever

Furunculosis is a staphylococcal skin infection that cannot be fought with drugs or ointments, but rather silently. You can do daily treatment, even two, the process will be as fast as possible, But it should be taken into account that it lasts about two weeks. If it doesn’t subside after that time, you should consult your doctor.

Like a pimple We cannot touch a boil because it is bad, The infection will worsen. And, like acne, it leaves scars on the skin when it disappears. To remove it, it must ooze, but it must do so by itself, and we cannot pierce or scrape it to remove the pus from its interior. In this case, the infection is more likely and the treatment will take longer. Once the pus is absorbed and drained, it should not reappear, although there may be cases of furunculosis recurring.

Furunculosis infection is possible

You don’t have to touch it

The only applicable solution Place moist, warm compresses on the boil. This makes it easy to leak without touching. By the way, we keep the area properly clean as hygiene is something to take into account. Furunculosis is highly contagious from person to person. It is necessary Take extreme precautions and do not share hygiene or beauty products With others if we suffer.

Boils on the back are very dangerousBoils on the back are very dangerous

Wash your hands thoroughly

Every time the abstracts are put on the boil, it should be Wash your hands properly to avoid spreading the infection to another part of the body. The same thing happens if it is another person who heals us. That is why the use of gloves is more than recommended, and when using other organs such as compresses or towels, they should be used only for this treatment and washed or thrown away after curing. During healing, it is recommended to wash the affected skin area with antibacterial soaps.

Hygiene is essential

A Proper hygiene is fundamental when treating furunculosis. But if it happens once, extreme precautions should be taken to prevent its recurrence in the future. It is said that 60% of people suffer from it and in most cases it can be avoided with adequate physical hygiene.

You should go to a doctor

Although curing a boil can be done at home without the need to visit a doctor, sometimes medical care is required. That’s the case that happens Frequent furunculosis. This could be a sign of a larger problem, such as low immunity or an immune deficiency.

If you have a boil, avoid makeup at all costsIf you have a boil, avoid makeup at all costs

Although furunculosis is usually located in the extremities, Boils may occur on the face and back. They are very dangerous, especially the latter, which can affect the spine and have serious consequences.

Contraindications for furungulosis

Avoid makeup

Any boil should be clean so it drains properly and disappears. It should never be covered with cosmetics like makeup. That’s why both facial and back moles can be removed surgically, quickly and prevent them from reproducing.

Facilitates drainage

The Surgical intervention is reserved for truly special cases. It may be necessary if boils are found in the nostrils or ears, as it is difficult to apply moist compresses to facilitate their drainage. In any case and in case of doubt, it is best to consult your family doctor in each specific case.

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