Primark is celebrating the summer season 2020 with its ‘Summer Storm’ makeup collection.

Budget brand Primark has launched ‘Summer Storm’, a new makeup collection inspired by the spirit and colors of summer.

There are people Loves winterLong soft coats, hot drinks, plans Sofa and blanket…but you have to agree that there are more tan and summer tones praise. One of those brands that seems to get missed this time of year primary symbolIt has launched a dedicated collection for this season: ‘Summer Storm’.

This new makeup capsule gives the face more glow with just one application Earth and pink tonesVery colorful, with results Metal and matte. The new collection, in addition to the affordable price, offers a large number of possibilities that you can create Different beauty looks. The new line is designed for all tastes.

A collection that smells like summer

The basis of this new collection PlatesBoth face and eye shadow, in which a Beautiful packaging. Face plate features Three blushes and in bright tones to show off an alluring blush Three lights A departure from the typical champagne tones of winter. The star product of this makeup capsule brings us the shadow palette Twenty different colors To create shadows, together with a slightly darker bronzer, you can achieve the desired summer effect.

Primark's new eyeshadow palettePrimark’s new eyeshadow palette

And the makeup bag should not contain lipsticks in your favorite shades. ‘Summer Storm’ brings two variants. Classic and glossy in stick form For those who prefer the product in liquid form with a sponge. Colors that stand out the most in this collection Nude and salmonUndoubtedly the colors used in summer.

In this collection Primark took the risk of a Body glitter With a soft brown color perfect for the summer festival season. It goes perfectly with any makeup done for winter and spring party nights.

Of course, apart from cosmetics, the company has provided Different parts They are aesthetically better and certainly more practical. The makeup dynamic is complete and the brand has developed Pack of five brushes Different sizes for using new products. ‘Summer Storm’ also features products like eyelash curlers, manicure kits or pocket glasses with impeccable presentations adorned on marble backgrounds.

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