Properties of milk of magnesia as a cosmetic product

It is a multifunctional product that has many beneficial properties for the skin.

When asked about Milk of Magnesia, our minds immediately associate it with heartburn. This is due to its effectiveness in treating indigestion and constipation problems, its main function.

What is Milk of Magnesia?

The initial basis of this product first appeared in 1829, and as a result Liquid preparation of magnesia Designed by Irishman James Murray. The success earned him a knighthood and two years after his death, his product was patented.

A few years later, in 1880, Charles Henry Phillips developed an alkaline suspension based on Murray’s design that began to be sold under the name. Phillips milk of magnesiaAnd whose main function was Neutralization of gastric acid. It was a white substance and slightly more liquid than conventional creams, and its properties for treating heartburn have lasted to this day.

Milk of Magnesia for face careMilk of Magnesia for face care

However, milk of magnesia has other properties that make it a multifunctional and high-quality product. Best use in beauty therapy. Next, we tell you about its benefits and explain how to use it.

Although its name may lead to misunderstanding, Milk of magnesia is a chemical compound Magnesium oxide is mixed with water. The result is a white, aqueous suspension, which is scientifically known as Magnesium hydroxide. Although it resembles milk at first glance, it has nothing to do with it except for its appearance and name.

Milk of Magnesia properties

Treat stomach problems

Milk of magnesia is mainly used to treat stomach problems Acts as an antacid and acts as a laxative. It is an excellent remedy against indigestion, which is why it is in most Spanish homes. It is sold in pharmacies and can be bought without a prescription.

Milk of Magnesia looks like normal milk Milk of Magnesia looks like normal milk

For facial treatment

However, this mineral compound has other properties in addition to those mentioned above. Contains milk of magnesia Very different applications, where makeup and beauty related ones stand out. This product is a A must have facial treatmentEspecially those who want to fight fat accumulation on the face.

Milk of Magnesia Benefits in Beauty

Perfect effect

One of the lesser known sides of milk of magnesia Perfect effect It works on oily skin. This liquid formula, not as thick to the touch as a cream, is perfect for those looking to get rid of irritants. Glow in the face, as a result of excess oil on the skin. This anti-grease effect helps treat dandruff by massaging the scalp.

Minimize open pores

The alkaline properties of this product are especially beneficial for facial skin as it helps Reduce hole sizeAvoiding their obstruction by external agents such as dirt present in polluted air.

Milk of Magnesia to combat oily skin Milk of Magnesia to combat oily skin

Fight seborrheic dermatitis

Milk of magnesia is an excellent remedy for warts Atopic dermatitis, symptoms include redness and irritation of the skin of the face, chin and scalp. In this case, it is enough to apply the product to the affected areas twice a day. Magnesium hydroxide is used for treatment acne Safely, it maintains the germination of grains.

As a deodorant

Also, this combination can be used Deodorant and antiperspirantApplying and serving underarms directly Pain relief To mitigate the effects of sun damage on the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Milk of Magnesia properties

Milk of magnesia is the result of a chemical process that combines a metal hydroxide with a water-soluble salt. From this mixture, a solution is obtained, which is white in color and feels like a cream, its essence The properties are medicinal. Although it is most common to find this product in liquid form, it also comes in tablets.

Apply milk of magnesia on the 'T-zone' Apply milk of magnesia on the ‘T-zone’

Magnesium hydroxide is a A multifunctional product It can be used internally, by ingesting it, or externally, by applying it to the skin. This compound has very diverse properties that help in the treatment of various diseases. The most common are related Abdominal conditions, such as indigestion, heartburn, constipation or general malaise. In these situations, the milk of magnesia properties combine with the stomach acid and neutralize it.

As a preparation External useIt helps soothe sunburns, treat colds and sore throats, acts as a deodorant and soothes skin irritations, especially those caused by using diapers on babies.

How to use milk of magnesia

As with any non-natural product, milk of magnesia is very easy to use as a beauty treatment, although it is best to read the instructions in the leaflet before use.

Make sure you are not allergic to the material Make sure you are not allergic to the material

If you have oily skin and want to remove shine from your face, start with your regular cleansing regimen. When your skin is clean and dry, shake a container of milk of magnesia and pour two drops onto a cotton ball. next, Apply the product in what is known as the “T-Zone”., which includes the forehead, nose and chin. These three areas contribute to the accumulation of excess fat on the face.

Recommended to apply on a small scale, however if you notice excess product, you can remove it by lightly wiping with a towel dipped in cold water. After use, you will soon notice how the shine disappears, which leads to an appearance Matte finish It lasts up to 5 hours.

After using Milk of Magnesia, You can use your regular moisturizer Without problems, it also helps to rejuvenate the face, And apply your makeup as usual. This product is an excellent makeup primer and lasts a long time, although it is recommended to renew it every six months so that it does not lose its properties. Unopened, on the other hand, milk of magnesia can be stored for up to 3 years.


When we talk about milk of magnesia, we must take into account that we are referring to a chemical and mineral product whose main function is to treat stomach problems. Therefore, before use in beauty treatment It is advisable to read the product leaflet And take into account the following recommendations.

Milk of magnesia can be used for face masksMilk of magnesia can be used for face masks

Allergic reactions may occur

When using a cosmetic product for the first time, it is best to do a little experiment Rule out possible allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of the product to any part of the body and wait a few minutes to check for irritation.

Be careful with normal and combination skin

This product is specifically used to combat excess fat, therefore It can cause tightness, dryness or irritation in normal and combination skin.. Also, it can clog pores if used improperly and in large quantities. Make sure it has no color or flavors.

In case of pregnancy, consult a specialist

On an aesthetic level, you should Avoid combining mineral makeup with milk of magnesia, as the combination of its components can cause a color change in the final result. Finally, If you are pregnant, do not forget to consult your doctor. Before starting any treatment.

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