Pros and cons of purchasing an adult dog

These animals come with a range of responsibilities and care for those who choose to care for them.

Nowadays, many people decide to get a dog and understand that it is become part of the family as another participant. And although the possibility of purchasing these animals also exists, many are currently suffering abandonment and violence. Something that makes them urgently need a family that will adopt them and care for them the way they deserve.

Therefore, it is advisable to adopt an animal before purchasing and at the same time be clear that this is an important step since pet ownership is a responsible one. entails a certain responsibility perhaps not everyone is ready to assume this. Financial costs, time, patience, love and much more.

Adult dogs need a family to adopt and care for them.Adult dogs need a family to adopt and care for them.

Once you decide to get a dog, many people have the following question: Adult dog or puppy ? And the possibilities are wide, so you will have to choose an older or younger pet. Whatever the final decision, there will be more positive aspects and others more negative. Therefore, before taking this step, it is important know the pros and cons in this case, take an adult dog.

What are the benefits of adopting an adult dog?

An adult dog brings very positive things and some of the most notable ones are:

  • Gratitude: These dogs have typically been through difficult situations and this makes them highly appreciative of the love and care they receive from people. That’s why, after family adoption Their behavior will essentially be one of gratitude.
  • Personality: Over the years, the pet acquires a specific individuality and determines its character and attitude. This is something positive, because if it is for the best, its owners will not have to worry the stage of training an animal and getting to know its way of life since even before they are put into service they will have all the details about them. That is, they can simply limit themselves to strengthening bonds and caring for their adult dog.
  • Calm: As a rule, puppies are usually more active and naughty animals. Something that wears out the patience of its owners and also causes a lot of wear and tear and fatigue. Therefore, if the pet is an adult, its behavior will be more passive, characteristic of its maturity.
  • Communicative: These animals They have life experience and they have already interacted with other members of the same species. So it won’t be a shock to them if they continue to do so.
  • Less damage: When dogs reach adulthood, their behavior changes greatly as they become more domesticated and therefore his education is obvious. This means that those who take them at this age will not have to go through the stages of furniture destruction, scratches…
  • Example of overcoming: These animals, abused, abandoned or living in poor conditions, They represent an example of improvement. They have gone through very difficult trials, but this does not prevent them from rising and becoming happy again.

What are the disadvantages of adopting an adult dog?

As with everything, there are more and less positive aspects to adopting an adult dog. In this case, the disadvantages are:

Adult dogs are more domesticated due to their age.Adult dogs are more domesticated due to their age.
  • Time and patience: Both aspects, in general, will be necessary to achieve change some behavior patterns or negative behaviors that these dogs have acquired over the years. It is not the same thing to educate them when they are small as when they are older, since their character and customs are usually more deeply rooted. Moreover, they are more rebellious in the face of change.
  • Overcoming problems: Sometimes the pain or hardship these dogs have gone through causes them to unusual attitudes or reactions depending on what situations. Therefore, it is important that whoever adopts them takes this into account and shows understanding towards the animal, as well as helping it cope with problems, fears or traumas.
  • Passivity: It is clear that this cannot be expected from an adult dog. same energy and daily activity than you would expect from a puppy. While there are those who consider this a positive, for some people it can also be considered a disadvantage.
  • Health: Over the years, an animal’s health becomes increasingly fragile, so it is important to keep in mind that, as a rule, an adult dog more health problems than a puppy. Something that, in turn, can make it more expensive to maintain.
  • Trust: Such suffering sometimes causes adult dogs to stop trusting their new owners. This is more than logical, since they do not want to suffer once again and have a bad time. Ultimately, the only solution for the owner is to be patient and take care of the animal day after day gain their trust and establish good relationships with them.

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