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Quilling is a modern and exciting technique with which you can create fantastic crafts and relax in your free time.

Art This is a great outlet for those moments when we don’t know what to do and we’re bored, nervous, sad or don’t know how to express our emotions. Through voice or with our hands we can create music to relax or express our feelings by drawing we can also afford to leave and use a variety of tools such as oil paint, watercolor, plastic painting, or regular drawing with pencil, charcoal, paints, or crayons.

Everyone will be able to find the artistic technique that will be easier and more enjoyable for them to perform. For example, those who are good at crafts In origami they can find not only a way to pass the time, but also a way to relax. Although it may take a little more patience and effortOver time, you will learn to handle it easily and creating various paper figures will become almost natural.

Art is a way to escape, and the art of quilling helps you relax.Art is a way to escape, and the art of quilling helps you relax.

Among the various existing paper crafts, there is another technique that may not so well known, but you might like it because it can be used to create great works of art. It’s about quilling artwhich in Spanish is known as filigree and originates from ancient Egyptian civilizations, spreading throughout the East and Asia until it became popular in Europe.

What is the art of quilling?

Quilling is a decorative technique that consists of rolling various papers, different sizes and colors until we can create unique and very personal works. To perform this technique, the artist uses a paper rolling tool, which is already special for the art of quilling. creating circles the specified material and uniting them among them to achieve the desired works.

This technique involves rolling paper, creating circles, and combining them.This technique involves rolling paper, creating circles, and combining them.

It is believed that from the 5th century this technique reached the main European cities, where it was used to decorate sacred images, from different materials and different colors. Later in the 18th century, noble ladies of the palace are also believed to have used the art of quilling as a form of entertainment and entertainment. way to decorate boxes and other gifts they would like to give to others. It is now also used to create works of art by independent artists, although its commercial uses include Wedding invitationscards for special occasions such as birthdays or home decoration or decorations for parties or other notable events.

How to do quilling at home

The art of quilling is based on making circles of paper of different shapes and sizes. For this we can use the car There is a special tool that allows you to roll it or make circles with your hands. We’ll just have to be patient and try rolling different types and sizes of paper to achieve the desired shapes. Then we can use sample for gluing together folded papers of different shapes, colors and sizes to form the desired piece.

You can combine different colors and create the shapes you want.You can combine different colors and create the shapes you want.

To perform quilling art, you may need to contact contact a professional crafts. Surely the person who works in the store where you buy materials will be able to give you the best. adviсe to get started with this technique, such as what templates to start with, what type of paper is best for you to work with first, whether you have a machine to roll it or not, the type of glue you will need. fix various folded papers, etc.

With quilling you can recreate different mandalas, an art form of Buddhist relaxation that will help you calm your nerves and find a little more emotional stability. However, you will have to be patient as it is quite normal that at first the paper rolls will not turn out as perfect as you would like. However, with practice, effort and willpower, you can achieve the results you want and create unique works of art thanks to the art of quilling.

Handicraft is one of the best hobbiesHandicraft is one of the best hobbies

Your quilling creations can be perfect for decorating your own home, as well as being a feature for a special occasion or gifted for no apparent reason to a family member, friend or colleague. Many people attach great importance handmade gifts, because they require time and effort on the part of the person doing it, rather than just an economic investment. So, feel free to gift your quilling art to those you love the most so they know how much you appreciate them and can also share their creations. Over time, you will improve your technique and gradually create projects that you are more proud of, as well as enjoy the entire production process and the choice of materials for each design created with filigree.

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