Raising strong, confident women

We want to live in a society where women are in control, because that’s how it should be, but it’s not always that easy. Girls in schools continue to bully other girls. They have the power to do whatever they want...when girls have a minor conflict with another girl at school, instead of resolving it, they ostracize the “problem” girl and encourage others to do the same.

Instead of solving things, they isolate and change the team structure without warning. This is happening in today’s society This happens every day. This was expected behavior at the middle school/high school level, but I saw it in younger girls who were less able to deal with it.

We want to live in a society where women control themselvesWe want to live in a society where women control themselves

Beneath this negative behavior is always a world of pain. Sometimes women try to avoid exploring the bigger feelings they’re experiencing and instead focus on blaming each other for not working out. Allowing them to get to the root of their feelings gives them a chance to talk about unexpressed issues and begin to work through them.

Anxiety in social interactions

A lot of anxiety comes from social interactions and, of course, the pressure to be perfect and popular. One thing we do know is that anxiety disorders are on the rise. Depressive disorders were more frequent, But anxiety disorders are now taking over.

Girls face more pressure from more sources at an early age. It’s difficult because women get mixed messages. On the one hand, we tell students in grades one through three that the world is theirs and that girls can do anything.

On the other hand, parents, with the best of intentions, They over-plan women to the point of falling apart. . Now that those opportunities are available, they want them all, and they want them all at once.

Childhood is almost forgotten in many familiesChildhood is almost forgotten in many families

Childhood is almost forgotten in many families. Thirty years ago, you come home after school, have a snack and go outside to play. Guys don’t do that anymore, especially girls. They come from school and go to the academy to excel in their class. From there, they practice soccer and then rehearse for their chosen play. Every day is filled with adult-led activities, so they can’t really be human.

Kids gotta be kids

At some point it is better to act under the leadership of adults, But childhood should be a period of trial and error. If children are never left alone, they will never learn to deal with difficult things, and they will never learn to deal with things on their own. They are also not given time to compress. The world screams about how mothers need time to take care of themselves, but we don’t give our children a chance to participate in it.

Many parents allow their 9- and 10-year-olds to use Instagram and SnapchatMany parents allow their 9- and 10-year-olds to use Instagram and Snapchat

Women especially face academic stress, social pressure; Many parents allow their 9- and 10-year-olds to use Instagram and Snapchat. No matter how many warnings they use. Hence the added pressure. It’s very difficult to navigate that world without a lot of guidance and support. Then the athletic pressure, the pressure for school grades…

And then the message: “The world is yours, but you have to be the best.” When women face this kind of pressure, they turn to each other. They try to step on each other to get to the top instead of taking themselves along the way.

If you want to raise strong and confident girls, let them be girls first… teach emotional intelligence through positive discipline and you’ll see how their world begins to grow within them. You don’t need to be the best, you just need to be happy to stand out amidst so much social sadness.

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