Recycled aluminum for an eco-friendly home

Find out how to use this type of recycled material to make your home eco-friendly and thus help the environment.

Nature needs us, or rather, it needs us to respect it and learn to take care of it. That’s why, with small steps and actions that do not involve any loss of time in our daily lives, we will contribute to improving and creating a better world. Despite this, there is still a lot of work to be done; completely eliminate plastic, recycle it correctly, reduce water and energy consumption and Raise awareness among the entire population about the future of our planet if we continue on the same path.

As we say, the home can be the focal point when it comes to living a greener life, not just when it comes to recycling. and teach kids to use natural resources more consciouslybut also to the use of materials that we use both in the construction and finishing of our home.

Recycled aluminum material allows you to build a greener home.Recycled aluminum material allows you to build a greener home.

Today we’re going to explain one of the materials that is trendy when it comes to eco-friendly homes: recycled aluminum. Material that represents significant emissions savings from which the rest of the common materials in home construction are produced, as well as one of the best uses today. If you are interested in making your home eco-friendly, continue reading the article.

What is recycled aluminum?

This invention belongs to a French company, although its patent belongs to a Norwegian company, a leader in the field of aluminum housing systems; who, through exhaustive research, created the first recycled aluminum, which means that more than 75% of its composition It is made of aluminum from reclaimed windows. That is, a material that has already served its purpose and has been reused, giving it a second life in the best possible way, returning to the source of the material.

This material is the most innovative in the construction sector in terms of aluminum, as it combines recycled material with a small proportion of virgin aluminum, making it an ideal material for use in new structures. guarantee of respect for the environment and thus contributing to an eco-friendly home.

Why is recycled aluminum used to create an eco-friendly home?

It is known that in Europe one of the main problems with harmful CO2 emissions is directly related to the construction sector. Data is scary and that’s what about 35% of harmful emissions destroying the planet belong to this sector, which accounts for almost a third of the waste generated on the planet. Many people are screaming at the sky every day and demanding that construction companies start using materials that are more environmentally friendly.. Companies appear to share this criticism and are beginning to explore new processes and materials that promote more efficient construction, such as eco-concrete, which is already used in most construction work in European countries.

Recycled aluminum is cleaner than regular aluminumRecycled aluminum is cleaner than regular aluminum

The latest development, as we said, comes from a French company that uses recycled aluminum so that an eco-friendly home is no longer crazy, they’ve made it possible. This new material is ten times cleaner than regular aluminum because it It can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%., which will produce standard aluminum; in addition to waste reduction and recycling. The best part is that the process of aluminum recovery, i.e. smelting, requires only 5% of the energy that would be used to obtain primary aluminum.

If you’re still unsure whether this material is right for your eco-friendly home, know that experts in the field say recycled aluminum has the same quality than conventional aluminum, and the costs are similar.

Where can this material be used? The best thing about aluminum is that it is a very versatile material, so we can use it in many different ways. apply it in several points of the house; sliding and practical windows, Majorquina, facades, doors, railings, verandas and even decoration.

This material is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.This material is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Now is the time to support the promotion of responsible consumption and construction through small steps, such as introducing recycled aluminum into our homes instead of ordinary aluminum, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 2 kg per kg of recycled aluminum instead of 8.6 kg of carbon footprint for every kg of conventional aluminum.

Let’s take care of our planet, let’s know about everything that nature gives us and let’s support every action that contributes to his respect.

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