Red eyes in cats: causes and solutions

Red eyes in cats are very common, but in most cases it is not serious. We tell you the reasons and how to easily solve them.

The cat is the second most common pet after the dog. Cats are more autonomous than dogs and require less time, although they do require grooming. They are mammals, and through genetic mutation, crossbreeding, and selection, many cat breeds have emerged. There are long, short and even hairless ones. There are about 70 officially recognized cat breeds; within them there may be some differences in color, coat, etc.

If you are thinking about expanding your family, you should first know the characteristics of each animal to be sure whether you can take care of it. In many cases, cats have red eyes and this is very easy to notice. In most cases, this is not serious and a quick visit to the veterinarian can resolve the problem.

Red eyes and conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis in cats is an inflammation of the eyes and is the most likely reason why our pet has red eyes. This will be easy to spot because your cat most likely has red, cloudy eyes. Conjunctivitis may only affect one eye, but since it is highly contagious between cats, Symptoms in both eyes are normal.

The cat will have swollen, closed eyes and a heavy discharge.The cat will have swollen, closed eyes and a heavy discharge.

If conjunctivitis is caused by a viral infection, your cat will have very red, swollen, closed eyes and a lot of discharge. This type of conjunctivitis also usually occurs in cats that have not yet opened their eyes.

In other cases, allergies may be the cause of red eyes in cats.

Corneal ulcer in cats

A corneal ulcer is a sore that occurs on the cornea, sometimes due to poor healing of conjunctivitis. This This will hurt our petIn addition to watery eyes, discharge and the eyes will be red and closed.

The veterinarian will administer the necessary treatment to turn the situation around. In addition to poor healing of conjunctivitis, eye ulcers in cats can be caused by a blow, scratch, or foreign body. The mildest of them may respond well to the antibiotic and give the animal rest. If the problem cannot be resolved with medication, surgery will be required.

Red eyes due to allergies in cats

In many cases, we can see our pet’s eyes are red and irritated. The animal will become upset and try to touch itself. You may also experience symptoms such as dermatitis, itching, sneezing, etc. This problem usually occurs in cats under 3 years of age. We recommend that if you are unsure what causes this condition, contact a veterinarian you trust.

Red, irritated eyes may be the cause of allergies.Red, irritated eyes may be the cause of allergies.

Uveitis in cats

Perhaps, if this has not happened to you, you do not know what this problem is. The main characteristic is inflammation of the choroid, usually caused by serious illnesses, as well as fights or animal attacks. There are different types, and depending on the area, they cause pain, swelling, redness of the eyes, watery eyes, etc.

You should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. urgently examine your pet. The most serious diseases that commonly cause uveitis in cats are feline leukemia, immunodeficiency, peritonitis, mycoses or herpeviruses. It is important to treat this problem as it can lead to blindness in the animal, among other problems.

Red and watery eyes due to foreign bodies in cats

Another problem that our cat may face if she has ginger cats is that the cat has something inside the eye. In this case, we can see how the animal develops redness and itching. Our pet will try to rub himself. This item can be anything: a small fragment, dust, etc.

Once you’ve calmed your cat, try cleaning the eyes with a serum to remove dirt. You need to be very careful, if you don’t have serum, you can try it with a damp cloth. If you can’t see what’s inside, contact a professional who will know how to fix it. An object inside the eye can cause very serious problems for an animal.

Try cleansing your cat's eyes with serumTry cleansing your cat’s eyes with serum

As you have seen, there are many reasons why our pet’s eyes may become red. Of course, we must keep our cat as clean as possible and receive up-to-date vaccines. The average lifespan of a domestic cat ranges from 10 to 16 years. Ideally, you can provide your pet with the best quality of life by visiting your cat regularly for periodic checkups. By visiting your office regularly, you can prevent or detect future illnesses. When it comes to food, try to give your cat a balanced and cat-specific diet.

Remember that a pet is another member of our family and we must take care of it throughout its life. Although to a lesser extent, in our country many cats are abandoned. Adopt and never buy an animal, We must also prevent unwanted litters by sterilizing our animals.

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