Rosalia – Hair similar to Bequia Bellissa

Singer Rosalia has made her long black hair a staple part of her image.

If there’s one word to describe singer Rosalia, that’s it revolution. This young woman has created what many consider a great work of art. They refer to their album ‘El Mal Guerre’, an 11-song musical work that tells the story of gender-based violence. What’s more, the album was inspired by a novel by an anonymous author called “Flamenca”. So the themes have two names, one of which refers to the chapter number.

However, the man born on September 25, 1993 in San Esteban Sasroviras, Barcelona, ​​does not only stand out in the music industry. Fashion and cosmetics also succumbed to this Fusion Between Flamenco with different rhythmic styles. Capable of dancing Sevillanas with an urban style far removed from Catalan traditional canons. Rosalia was able to create something unimaginable, mixing flamenco with different musical styles that had nothing to do with film. Royal and traditional Belongs to this genre of music.

Music revolution

Rosalia knew, her passion Flemish, he started studying this style of music from an early age. In 2013 he worked with Spanish guitarist Juan Gómez ‘Sigulo’ at the Panama Film Festival and at the Barcelona Craig Festival for the contemporary dance piece ‘De Carmen’. That same year, he worked with the Association of Art Professionals (APAP) as a soloist at the 2014 ESPRU culmination of works at the Palace of Music in the Big Apple during a conference in New York.

Various looks of singer RosaliaVarious looks of singer Rosalia

In 2016, he managed to release his first solo album titled ‘Los Angeles’ with a flamenco style music project. sound trend Under the Universal Music label. Also, in this year he was Trapper C. He gave various collaborations with Tangana like ‘Before I Die’ and ‘Call Me Later’. However, his biggest success was releasing his album ‘bad desire’The project earned him many music awards and recognitions across the world.

In terms of style, the artist shows some Clothes It represents the fusion of flamenco with urban and informal civilization. This is evidenced by his red, rough tops and pants that represent flamenco clothing. The singer always sports long jet black hair, which she styles for her concerts or walks the red carpet. If you want to get to know this artist more closely, we bring it to you Analysis of your favorite hairstylesLike long hair or XL curls.

XXL mane

Short hair is more though Convenient and fast When it comes to styling, long hair never goes out of style. One of its advantages is that you can achieve thousands of hairstyles like boxer braids or ponytails. This look cannot be styled without having a certain length or volume of hair. XXL hair pick artist Rosalia knows this all too well.

Various appearances of singer Rosalia with Elena LargoVarious appearances of singer Rosalia with Elena Largo

The singer has opted for long hair as her classic beauty, the hairstyle she is recognized and wears in her public appearances. However, Catalan doesn’t opt ​​for the same look, instead styling her hair in pigtails or opting for a perfectly straight look. What’s more, her long hair is a staple in her video clips, such as one of her latest music releases, “Con Altura.”

Jet black

In addition to hairstyles, beauty has classic dyes, colors that are always fashionable. One of them Jet black, a dark black that is perfect for people with very fair skin. If you want to achieve a lighter color, touch it up with some light brown highlights. Rosalia is one of the famous people who did not abandon this tone.

Jet black is the defining color of Rosalia's hairstyleJet black is the defining color of Rosalia’s hairstyle

The artist has named jet black as his classic color, which he recognizes and this time, he does not want to give up. What’s more, her hair has become a personal brand, becoming the symbol of her second album ‘El Mal Curer’ cover, in which the artist appears as an angel with long black hair. Undoubtedly, the artist knows this Trends of the momentBut he always customizes it according to his bold and unique style.


There are hairstyles that have been achieved Classic type. There are hairstyles that grab attention on the red carpet. This ponytail look is a simple and versatile updo that saves us more than one problem. Many well-known faces from various arts have used this upgrade to complete their outfits.

Various looks of singer Rosalia with ponytailVarious looks of singer Rosalia with ponytail

The position of the singer Rosalia is a wise choice because it Perfect look To endure the intricate and elaborate dances performed by the artist in his songs. She didn’t forget this single was collected to elevate some of her looks on the red carpet, like the Latin Grammy Awards. What varies is the height of this upgrade, it can be higher or lower.

XL curls

This hairstyle is laid Fashion Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence at the 2018 Oscars. The actress opted for wide, undone waves for one of the most important dates on the big screen. This is about XL curlsA hairstyle has become a trend and 2019 could be its big year.

Various looks of singer Rosalia with XL curlsVarious looks of singer Rosalia with XL curls

With the rise of informality and casualness Beauty and fashion, there are many celebrities who have opted for this look. One of them is Rosalia, who styles her long hair in curls that are somewhere between waves and ringlets. She has worn this look on the red carpet and in her performances on stage.

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