Rose: types, characteristics and care

It is one of the most famous flowers and has many medicinal uses. Learn all about this plant and how it can be used.

Rose is one of the most popular and famous flowers in the world and belongs to the Rosaceae family. Although the plant is called a rosebush, the common name for all flowers in this family, and there are about 30 thousand varieties, is rose. In addition, since ancient times it has been suggested that this flower has medical usessome of which are still used in various parts of the globe.

Since ancient times it has been said that this flower has medicinal properties, which makes it special and that, being so famous, It is among the top best-selling flowers in the world., just like carnations and tulips. And, in addition, its trade is also encouraged because rose is one of the main ingredients in the creation of creams, perfumes and other cosmetics.

Origin of roses

For the most part, these plants originate from Africa and Asia, according to long-standing sources. Actually, There are Chinese works on gardening dating back to the imperial era, which already talked about caring for these it was well known for its aromatic aroma.

This is one of the most popular flowers in the world.This is one of the most popular flowers in the world.

Roses were also seen in ancient Egypt in some images of the time when they were considered beautiful. Currently, aromatherapy based on these plants is still very popular in Morocco and Turkey, where this country is located.

However, researchers still believe that it was the Greeks who introduced the rose to the rest of Europe. What is clear is that Both mythology and culture have played an important role in viewing this flower as a symbol of passion., about love and some goddesses. Additionally, the medicinal properties of rose were also explored in ancient times as it helped in relieving the eyes, ears, head, etc.

Legends about the creation of roses

As with any explanation of the cause of things, there are also legends for roses that try to decipher the birth of this flower in a special way. And, for example, An ancient Greek myth says that this flower was created by the goddess Cybele. because of the unsurpassed beauty of Aphrodite. Therefore, he wanted to compete with her, giving rise to this beautiful and delicate flower.

It has numerous medicinal propertiesIt has numerous medicinal properties

On the other side, It is also said that it was Aphrodite who created white roses to make something comparable in their beauty.. Legend has it that he always carried it on his chest until one day the god Dionysus came so close to him that he spilled drops of wine on the rose petals, and from there red roses were born.

another one of thesegreek legends It tells that Aphrodite, also like the main character, ran to Adonis after seeing that he was brutally wounded while fighting a boar, and while running, she cut her leg. The blood from the cut that fell to the ground gave rise to the creation of the world’s first roses.

Kind of roses

Constant crossbreeding between species has resulted in the shape and color of rose flowers changing greatly in recent years, in some cases improving their scent or appearance. Despite this, there are many varieties of roses, but in general they are divided into three broad groups depending on their natural appearance or date of origin.

Antique roses have been around since 1867.Antique roses have been around since 1867.
  1. wild roses: The rest of the roses we can find today are descended from these flowers. Among the most famous we can find Rosa Banksiae, Rosa damascena, Rosa canina, Rosa Gallica, Rosa Virginiana or Rosa Rugosa.
  2. old roses: These are the ones that were known before 1867 and are not very well known today. However, if you are going to start growing this type of plant, it is recommended because it does not require much care or at least little maintenance. In this group we can find roses such as China, Alba, Centifolia, Bourbon, Damask, Portland or Eternal Hybrid, as well as many others.
  3. Modern rose bushes: This group includes those varieties that appeared after 1867. These are the most popular, especially those known as hybrid teas. Here you can also find sarmentosa, miniature, floribunda, climbing plants, shrubs or carpet plants.

Open message by rose color

As we have already said, there are many varieties of roses. For this reason, many of them have different colors, which many are associated with the message that someone wants to convey by delivering a flower of a certain color. The meanings of these colors are as follows:

  • Red roses: They mean passion and love. They are the most characteristic symbol of the bride, groom and lovers, as they are especially given at weddings or on Valentine’s Day.
  • White Rose: They represent innocence and purity. They are the perfect addition for brides on the most special day of their lives.
  • pink roses: They symbolize respect, tolerance and sympathy. They convey affection and tenderness if they are light pink in color. If the pink is rich or dark, it means gratitude, a grateful person.
  • Yellow roses: In some cultures they represent friendship and joy, although in others the color is associated with jealousy.
  • Blue roses: They are a clear symbol of miracles, since they are part of legends and have never been found in nature. Its literary uses are very common.
  • Gray or black roses: They are associated with death or illness, although in some cultures they also symbolize old age or sexuality.
  • orange roses: This color symbolizes life and passion.
  • Burgundy roses: With their rich red color, they symbolize beauty and elegance. They are often used as a decorative motif.
These are not high maintenance plants.These are not high maintenance plants.

Basic rose care

Although they are delicate plants, they have no problem adapting to both small and large gardens. The only thing to keep in mind in any case is that:

  • They do not need to be watered constantly because they do not require constant watering., but you need to be careful. The best method is drip, so that fungi do not appear due to excess water. If you have this flower in a pot, it is best to water it daily, being careful not to overwater it.
  • These are warm climate flowers, so they should be placed in areas exposed to the sun.. If you don’t have this area and can only place them in colder areas, you should take care that they don’t spend much time in temperatures below 15 degrees.
  • Organic fertilizers are always the best option as they not only improve the appearance of this plant but also regenerate it in a more effective and healthy way. nutrients the plant needs to bloom properly. Ideally, do this once a year.
  • Cut roses carefully when they have begun to bloom, as repeated handling will damage the flower.
  • You should trim your rose bush completely to maintain the flower cycle., that is, you should cut dry wood and branches that are not useful. Of course, remember to always do this above the yolk and at a 45 degree angle. The best time to care for the plant is winter.
One of its main medicinal uses is as a mild laxative.One of its main medicinal uses is as a mild laxative.

Medicinal uses of roses.

Old recipes are still used as modern medicinal methods as the petals of this flower are very beneficial. One of the main medicinal uses is that they can be used as a mild laxative in the form of an infusion.Some people even believe that they serve to eliminate intestinal parasites.

On the other side, Rose water is also used to wash the eyes for conjunctivitis, as well as to stop or reduce headaches and other diseases.. In addition, the seed oil of this plant is considered beneficial for the good appearance of the skin, promoting good regeneration and healing, which has been demonstrated in various studies.

Finally, this flower is also used in cosmetics and aesthetics or in aromatherapy, a technique that was used in Ancient Egypt. As some experts have proven, The natural aroma emanating from this plant can reduce pain, grief, depression or insomnia.. It is also associated with increased desire and passion.

It can also be used aesthetically.It can also be used aesthetically.

Curiosity of Roses

  • Colombia and Ecuador are the two main exporters of roses to America., suggesting significant annual revenue in this industry. Most of these flowers end up on the US market.
  • Roses are one of the most discussed flowers in literature, for example in the book The Little Prince; in music, as in Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss; in theater and art.
  • Sales of this flower on Valentine’s Day are growing exponentially.which sells mostly red ones.
  • The name Rose and its variants remain very popular today, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. We can find names such as Rosie, Rosina, Rosa or Rosalia.

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