Sara Carbonero – Hair like Peccia Bellezza

Casual waves or perfect straightening are some of the looks that define presenter Sarah Carbonero’s style.

Do you want to make a change but don’t know what will work for you? You can find inspiration in celebrity hairstyles. However, not just any celebrity is worth it, but those related to beauty and fashion. They know the trends of the moment and usually show them on a date that attracts attention. One of those stars is Sarah Carbonero, a presenter of enviable style and image.

What’s more, the journalist’s outfits are a complete hit. And Corral de Almaguer divides his heart between journalism and fashion. He expresses this in his blog, “When No One Sees Me”, where he describes details, experiences, journeys or experiences. Social networks are a way for Carbonero to show moments of his life. On his Instagram account, the journalist has accumulated Over 2.3 million followers.

However, before committing himself Fashion, Carbonero shined in sports journalism. In his third year of college, he was already doing his first internship at Radio Marka. Six months later, he joined the station’s team, where he covered all kinds of sporting events. In 2007, he joined LaSexta to report on the Spanish team at EuroBasket. Two years later, Mediaset noticed his journalistic work and became part of the sports section of Telecinco’s news programs.

Journalist and footballer

In March 2010, Carbonero’s reputation rose to stardom. Some pictures showed the journalist next to footballer Iker Casillas. Shortly after, the couple confirmed their relationship and did so in front of millions of viewers. It was at the World Cup in South Africa. Spain became the world champion. After winning the World Cup, the goalkeeper was with his girlfriend, attending the event as a reporter. During the interview, Casillas couldn’t help but kiss the journalist.

Host Sarah Carbonero with her husband Iker CasillasHost Sarah Carbonero with her husband Iker Casillas

From that moment, the two stay together and maintain a solid relationship In good times and bad. In fact, it was reported that Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack in May 2019. The duo posted a photo of the footballer recovering in hospital on social media. Let’s remember that the couple lives in Porto with their two children, Martin and Lucas, while pursuing their respective careers.

Sarah Carbonero isn’t just winning with her looks. The journalist always stands out for her long, perfect, shiny and healthy hair. Although it is true Her most worn look is loose hair., the provider also chooses updos like high buns or braids. Even in recent years, the reporter has been seen opting for more natural and casual hairstyles. For this reason, we choose the five best hairstyles of Sarah Carbonero, the five most amazing hairstyles that she left us in her life.

XXL mane

A journalist is one of those people who can tolerate long hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, it’s a trend or not. Sarah Carbonero has hers Favorite hairstyle And it’s XXL hair, there’s a style that’s a trend for fall 2018. In addition, it offers you millions of opportunities to achieve different looks. For this reason, it is no coincidence that I try different hairstyles. It all depends on the level of elegance required for the event.

Show off long, shiny and well-maintained hair like Sarah Carbonero.Show off long, shiny and well-maintained hair like Sarah Carbonero.

In fact, her long hair has become an essential part of her personal brand. Practically since the journalist became known, she has sported long, soft and shiny hair. Her hair attracts so much attention that it has even been chosen as an image by some Beauty brands.


Evolution and technology go hand in hand. As the years go by, electronic devices improve and even new inventions appear. Among them is the hair straightener, our hair’s ally and enemy at the same time. Irons have a great advantage, Help achieve perfect hairstyles. However, they also have a major drawback. This device is nothing but subjecting the hair to high temperatures. In the long run, it causes breakage, dryness and hair loss.

Different looks of Sarah Carbonero with wavesDifferent looks of Sarah Carbonero with waves

This may be one of the reasons why natural hairstyles, which cannot be achieved with any hair straightener, are on the rise. After the success of defined curls in the first decade of the 2000s, it was time for straight hair. New fashion has made the hair straightener an essential accessory to achieve Perfect look. This trend may have been broken with the rise in popularity of Tides. And Sarah Carbonero is one of the celebrities who opts for natural and casual finish hairstyles.


Some hairstyles are always a reach Appearance of heart attack. These are usually achieved by beauty classics, a look that can make some changes according to new trends. One of these hairstyles is straight, which leaves the hair without any waves or curls. Depending on the level of straightening, straightness can be achieved with volume or ultra smooth.

Sarah Carbonero's hair is straightened in a variety of looksSarah Carbonero’s hair is straightened in a variety of looks

Sarah Carbonero didn’t just leave her long hair in tousled waves. The presenter usually varies her A fan of hairstyles. For this reason, she chooses different styles for her hair, including very smooth ones. It’s all about achieving a perfect look, completely straight hair without any waves. The host wears this look for some elegant dates where she attends as one of the guests.

was taken

Improvisation takes many forms, some more or less elegant than others. One of its varieties is high bread. This is the typical updo, which makes the back of the neck more visible. This feature is one for you A unique touch of femininity and elegance It can be suitable for everyday use as well as for a special occasion, depending on the makeup you pair with it.

Sarah Carbonero's various looks with upgradesSarah Carbonero’s various looks with upgrades

For Sarah Carbonero, try different updos like a ponytail or A Degenerate development. It all depends on the event, makeup or outfit you choose for the event. Among them, we highlight the look she chose for Elle Gourmet 2017

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