Snacks for dogs: choosing the best

The range of treats for dogs is very wide: small, large, softer, harder, beef, lamb, salmon.

If there’s one thing that worries us dog owners, it’s the food we give them. What our pet eats during the years of its life largely determines its health in the future.Something as simple as buying premium food can not only keep our pet fit and organ healthy, but will also save us a few euros on vet visits in the long run.

Good nutrition prevents diseaseGood nutrition prevents disease

That’s why We have to consider that your food is something of a long-term investment.spending 55 euros on a 12kg premium food such as the Taste of Wild brand may require a lot of financial effort or we do not consider it necessary, however, if your dog is healthy and the only thing he needs from you every month is 50 euros for food it’s not that crazy.

Benefits of premium dog food

  • It prevents diseases : By providing your pet with the right diet, which contains all the nutrients, vitamins and proteins that the animal should consume, we will not only be able to increase its life expectancy, but also achieve prevent cardiovascular disease, excess weight and bone-related problems dogs, which is the most common occurrence with these pets.
  • Improves the health of your teeth : Premium food and snacks, unlike the rest that we can find in supermarkets at low prices, help keep your pet’s mouth clean, reducing junk food and preventing the accumulation of tartar.
  • Less hair loss : If your dog is a Labrador or some other breed that sheds a lot of hair, you know in advance that you have to fight to keep your home and your clothes free of hair. This is an almost impossible taskand while a kibble or snack may not stop your dog’s shedding, it can make your pet’s coat stronger and therefore drops to 30% or 40% less.
There is a very wide selection of dog treats.There is a very wide selection of dog treats.

As for snacks, there may be more ignorance When it comes to food, we usually think that, like biscuits, bones, etc., it is given to animals at certain times (for example, when we train them or as a reward for doing something good), we don’t need to worry about stern the quality of the food, the ingredients – this is completely wrong.

If you have a pet, you will probably be told that you can’t give them sugar (chocolate, baked goods, etc.) because the dog’s body cannot digest it well and it can cause serious health problems such as blindness. The exact same thing happens with snacks if we give a “treat” without knowing what ingredients it contains. We may, without realizing it, give our pet food that could be harmful to his health..

What’s the best snack?

Yes very wide range treats for dogs: small, large, softer, tougher, with beef, lamb, salmon… There are so many of them that you can get full and not really know which one to choose. That’s why we’ll make a small selection best snacks What can you give your four-legged friend:

  • Meat snacks : Your pet will love these snacks, the smell alone will drive them crazy, and while this is true, It is not recommended to give it every day.especially if your pet is a bit of a picky eater, these treats pair perfectly with other treats like cookies. The best brand is Altudog. because this is a company that deals production of natural dog food. All its ingredients are of high quality and produced in a human food processing plant. Among all its products wagyu jerky and dried chicken breast strips.
  • Cookie : These are the most common treats that we give to our animals, the most important thing when choosing them is to make sure that these cookies have a lot of vitamins and are healthy. low Fat. Some of the best brands are cookies Lily’s kitchen and Purina Delibaki.

How often should you give your dog snacks?

Depending on the size and weight of your four-legged friend and the snack you are going to give him, you can give him more or less. Ideally, a dog weighing 30 kg should not eat more than four snacks per day (depending on the size of the snack, this may be less), and a dog weighing 10 or 15 kg you can only take two.

Snacks are snacks that your pet loves.Snacks are snacks that your pet loves.

You must remember that these cookies They should only be given as a way to reward your dog for good behavior. or if he has done something good, it should not be regularly included in his diet without doing something to deserve it. Too many treats in one day can lead to nutritional imbalance due to excess fats and sugars which can cause your dog to become overweight.

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