Tattoo Creams: How to Care for Your Tattoo

What kind of care is necessary after tattooing and what creams should be used for it?

After doing one Green The most important thing is to guarantee its safety Follow the instructions given to us by the tattoo artist. Care and recommendations after tattooing Strictly follow To heal the area better and faster.

There are two very important aspects to consider:

  • Avoid touching the tattoo area Dirty hands can lead to unwanted infections.
  • And try Prevents the appearance of scars, As these release cells that store ink pigments.

To address this aspect, there are several creams Especially dedicated to tattoos and care to help prevent their appearance Guarantee effective maintenance of the area.

Necessary care after tattooing

After the session is over it is It is normal to have an inflammatory reaction in the skin. These symptoms usually disappear over the next week. If not, go to your doctor.

It is important to avoid sun exposure after getting a tattooIt is important to avoid sun exposure after getting a tattoo

Remove the bandage or plastic

A few hours later, maximum five, the bandage or plastic wrap should be removed to clean the area. Apply Hot water and glycerin soap Remove and confirm any remaining traces of blood Pure healing and no scabs.

Do not touch the tattooed area

Clean the tattooed area and avoid touching it, and before doing so, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent potential infections. For the first few days, it is best not to wet the tattoo more than necessary When taking a shower, apply Vaseline beforehand to prevent the water from draining and getting the area wet.

Apply healing cream

After washing your tattoo, apply some Healing cream Two to five times a day for two weeks Bepentol or HC. And don’t forget to wash your hands before applying any cream on the tattoo. One of the most important aspects and a general warning for these first days Green is untouched.

Try not to touch the tattoo to avoid infection Try not to touch the tattoo to avoid infection

Do not expose it to sunlight

Over the next two weeks, Avoid pouring alcohol zone, Expose it to the sun (When it heals, apply a protective cream the first few times) or UV rays, Wet it with water from the pool or beach And Scratch that. If it is very itchy, a popular remedy is to wash the green with cold water and then apply a healing cream.

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, scabs appear in many cases and we should avoid removing them because they usually come out with pieces of pigment. Green discoloration. One last suggestion: if you have a tattoo on the friction area, use it Baggy clothes And try to cover the area.

Tattooing and maintenance

Following the previous steps correctly guarantees that there is no need to continue aftercare to maintain it. In fact, most people with tattoos They do not undergo any special treatment As soon as they recover. For their part, those who continue to care for the tattoo, usually from the first month, choose Use of moisturizing creams to prolong quality and color of the tattoo.

Bruises may appear in the tattoo areaBruises may appear in the tattoo area

Another issue is its maintenance. is there Tattoo artists recommend revising the tattoo every year Because they lose color and are not beautiful. This is because it has been gone for years Loses quality of inks Used and current ones will disappear. However, this should be taken into account It depends on the green and how it looks.. For example, in general, smaller tattoos that do not incorporate color require less rejuvenation than larger tattoos.

Creams for your tattoo


It is known as the most popular cream for tattoo care BepentolAn emollient fat substance that Forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin Protects against contact with irritants. This layer acts as a barrier and Prevents water loss and provides better hydration to the area. Also, it has properties Healing. Consult the leaflet before using the product to avoid possible allergic side effects.


Another cream with similar characteristics H.C. This cream was first Designed for drilling maintenanceAlso offers a version for tattoo maintenance It stimulates healing and has no negative side effects.


On the other hand, another type of cream related to tattoo care is dedicated to healing wounds. And sometimes Bruises may appear as a result of the procedure tattooing. Some tattoo artists recommend bacitracin cream, An ointment that helps this gives great relief Prevent pain and prevent inflammation.

The use of moisturizing creams helps to prolong the quality and colors of the tattooThe use of moisturizing creams helps to prolong the quality and colors of the tattoo

EMLA or Betacaine

Finally, another category of products anesthesia drug, as EMLA cream or Betacaine anesthetic gel. There is something in these products Lidocaine and are used Make the tattooing process painless. The EMLA Cream, It is also used in hair removal, which is usually applied shortly before tattooing Skin numbness occurs The pain is bearable. For its part, Betaine It is an anesthetic gel Thrown after the line is created Because the skin must be open for it to penetrate. After application, you need to wait ten minutes for it to start doing its job.

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