Tips for creating an eco-home

Having an eco-friendly home is not as difficult as it seems. We give you the keys to achieve this goal.

If you want your home to look more radiant than ever, if you are thinking about giving it a different look, or simply want your home to be more welcoming and, above all, more environmentally sustainable, today we present you key suggestions so that your home is that haven of peace and harmony What are you looking for. Tired of the same old decoration? Do you need a home that is environmentally friendly? Your home is yearning to be an eco-happy or eco-friendly home.

Do you know how to get an eco-friendly home? We will teach you how to keep your home up to date, with the help of course. recycled and innovative materials who are respectful to mother nature.

Solar panels are an ideal alternative to an environmentally friendly homeSolar panels are an ideal alternative to an environmentally friendly home

Keys to turning your home into an eco-friendly home

1. The secret is in the materials

If you are one of those who immerse themselves in the latest trends thanks to decorating magazines, you know that wood, stone, cork and all natural elements are a must for your home. Leave plastic asideand begin to love and make peace with nature through its elements.

If you are going to make big changes to your home, choose “green” materials. Cork or fiberglass can be good natural insulators instead of using other, more harmful materials. Natural fibers and any natural textiles will be closely associated with eco-consciousness towards the environment. Choose fabrics such as linen, cotton or woolAlways make sure they have an eco-certification and forget about fabrics containing petroleum products as they are more harmful to the environment.

2. Do-it-yourself small parts

Do you know what the secret of an eco-house is? Well, the most amazing items are mostly recycled or reused. Want to join the DIY fashion? You can start at home, making decorative elements yourself.

Indian tipi for little ones – an Indian tent ideal for decorating a child’s room – mirrors decorated with cork, tables covered with beer caps, pennants made from fabrics you no longer use, outdoor furniture with wooden pallets… endless ideas you can find on our website.

An energy saving appliance must be marked with the letter A.An energy saving appliance must be marked with the letter A.

3. Invest in solar energy

This is not an economical investment, but without a doubt, it will be one of the best options you can find in the market. If you choose solar energy, you will save money and contribute to the environment. Use it to heat your home, water or even produce energy. Solar panels are an ideal alternative for an eco-friendly home. Initial costs are usually around €10,000 per home, but eventually you’ll see your bill drop significantly.

4. Technique A+++

If you are looking to replace any home appliances, invest in one that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. technique A+++, have low consumption, meaning the investment may not be as economical, but in the long run you will save energy, thereby helping to reduce consumption and protect the environment. A+++ elements consume 100% less than those with the letter F. By law, devices must have a letter – from A to G, where A is the most effective and G is the most harmful – and a color – red or green. If you want an energy saving appliance, buy one that is close to the letter A and green in color.

If you’re not yet looking to replace the appliances in your home, it’s important to know a few cost-saving tips; Don’t leave the refrigerator open while you unload your groceries.

Using bags made from recycled paper and fabric helps avoid consuming plastic, which is harmful to the environment.Using bags made from recycled paper and fabric helps avoid consuming plastic, which is harmful to the environment.

5. “Eco” as a philosophy of life

Having an eco-home means carrying much greener life. From recycling all your waste at home to shopping at fair trade stores. This is the realization that people are not the only ones who live on earth, and therefore we must take care of everything that is given to us.

Here are some keys or guidelines you can create yourself to start living a greener life: buy consciously; not impulsively. Also, go shopping with fabric bags instead of the traditional plastic ones. Don’t waste water when washing dishes, shop at charity or second-hand stores, walk or cycle more instead of driving, shop local, don’t throw rubbish on the beach, cultivate respect for the environment, these can be actions , which reconcile you with nature and teach you to love everything that the environment offers you.

Environmental awareness is in your hands, you still have time to contribute to saving nature.

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