Tips for getting your puppy to sleep through the night

There are many reasons why your puppy may be up all night. Luckily, there are a few tricks to achieve this.

When we bring a puppy into the house, we imagine that everything will be rosy and that dogs at this age are the most gentle and sweet, but, like babies, these They also wage war, especially at night.

The reasons why your dog may not sleep at night vary greatly, from suffer from insomnia, are nervous or feel the urge to relieve yourself. While a puppy is like a baby in many ways, luckily there are a few tricks to help your four-legged friend sleep through the night.

How is your puppy’s first night in your home?

When your pet first arrives at a new home, he may be very nervous. They are not able to understand well what is happening and going from living surrounded by other dogs sleeping with them to coming to a new home with just him in it can be a little confusing for him.

Some of the reasons could be that they have insomnia or are nervous.Some of the reasons could be that they have insomnia or are nervous.

When he arrives, you’ll probably want to play with him, pet him, and make first contact with what will be your best friend for years to come. In this situation, two things can happen: either you are tired all day and sleep well, or (and this is most often) are nervous and have trouble sleeping.

If you know your puppy’s background, you can ask for an item of clothing or toy that will remind him of his mother or siblings and place it on his bed so that the scent makes him more relaxed. However, if you don’t have this the animal probably wants to sleep with youAs a puppy, his size makes it dangerous for you to put him in bed with you, so you may want to give him some of your clothes to calm him down.

remember, that up to 3 or 4 months As for the animal, it is quite possible that it will have problems sleeping, as it will become more willing to do its own business, it will wake up at night, etc., but once it overcomes this barrier, it will sleep perfectly. Below, we’ll give you some tips to help your pet sleep peacefully at night.

Play with him

Perhaps this is the most effective advice, namely: The more tired your pet is, the easier it will be for him to fall asleep. Stimulate his mind and body with play, activity, and long walks throughout the day. Not only will this help him be calmer before bed, but you will also strengthen your bond with him. But remember that the exercise you do with your dog should be tailored to his age, as the older he gets, the more hours of play he will need.

Stimulate your mind and body with play, activity and long walks throughout the day.Stimulate your mind and body with play, activity and long walks throughout the day.

Set a daily routine

It is very important to establish a daily routine for your pet so that he knows when to play, go for walks, and also sleep. If you train your puppy to no longer play, bark or rest after his last walk, he will gradually begin to fall asleep better. You can also take the opportunity after your last walk of the day to give him a toy he can chew on and it will be calmer this way.

good bed

The ideal at this age is that place your puppy’s bed next to yours so that he doesn’t feel lonely and doesn’t start crying at night when he sees that you’re not around. You can place a thermal bottle for him to sleep warm and give him the feeling of being escorted in bed if he tries to climb into yours. Another trick is to place a clock nearby because dogs find the ticking relaxing. Making sure your bed is the right size for the season will help you feel more comfortable.

You can put a thermal bottle to keep you warm and feel like you are being accompanied.You can put a thermal bottle to keep you warm and feel like you are being accompanied.

Calm home

It is very important that before going to bed we do not stay up late, make noise or do things that could make our pet nervous because, as you know, animals are very sensitive Therefore, if he notices that you are excited, euphoric, etc., the puppy will most likely become nervous and will not be able to sleep. Like people, animals love to come home and breathe peace and tranquility.

My puppy won’t stop crying

It is likely that, especially in the first weeks, the puppy will cry at night when he is away from you and in an unfamiliar home. It is very important that you remain calm whenever he cries or demands attention. I don’t always answer the call, but make sure everything is in order. Whenever you need to turn on the light to make sure your pet is okay, use indirect light and gradually your pet will realize that he is not alone and will stop crying.

Our pets don’t like to dirty the area where they sleep, so perhaps if they start crying, scratching at the door, etc., it’s because they have the urge to urinate or poop. If he needs it, take him for a walk.but remember don’t scold him for this or if he does his business on the floor as at this age they don’t have much bladder control, instead use pads to get him used to doing his business in that area.

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