Tips to help your cat sleep through the night

If you have trouble sleeping at night because your cat demands your attention, find a few ways to change the behavior.

If you’re considering getting a cat or have recently done so, you may not know this, but many cats’ favorite playtime is at night. Cats are nocturnal by nature. Because wild cats hunt at night, but domestic cats still have the tendency to be night owls, which makes them very active at night and find it difficult to sleep at this time. If these cats get bored, they won’t mind jumping on you at four in the morning or meowing incessantly until you pay attention.

This is why bedtime becomes a nightmare for many cat owners as their pets wake them up day after day. Most people in this situation react by feeding them or petting them to calm them down, and the truth is that in doing so the only thing they achieve is to reinforce the animal’s behavior causing this problem over time, and like everything in life, the longer someone or an animal is allowed to engage in this behavior, the more difficult it is to eliminate.

Feeding or petting reinforces this behavior.Feeding or petting reinforces this behavior.

In this article, we will give you the key to how to make a cat sleep through the night, as well as some guidelines that you should follow in order to understand your animal’s psyche and thus be able to change this annoying behavior in felines.

Tire him out during the day

If you want your cat to sleep through the night, the first thing you need to do is tire her out during the day. There are several ways to do this.

The first (and most obvious) way to tire him out is to play with him. To tire you out more in this activity try buying him toys like a fishing rod because with this toy they will have to use their hunting skills and this will tire them out a lot because they will not only exercise their muscles but also their mental concentration which will tire them out a lot.

Likewise, if you don’t have much time to play with your cat because you work, do it at night when you return from work with her, since doing this activity at night can tire her out when she is most active. . . Another thing you can do is consider taking him for a walk down the street.

Buy him new toys to keep him tired throughout the day.Buy him new toys to keep him tired throughout the day.

How to cheat if you spend little time at home We suggest you do some kind of gymnastics.Hiding food in different places and containers around the house will keep him entertained while searching for food. If you’re not convinced by this idea because you’re afraid he’ll break something, you can color the mobiles that move in the wind next to a (well-closed) window so he can have fun looking at them.

Consider giving him a playmate

If you only have one cat, consider getting another cat as a playmate. This will prevent him from getting bored when you are not at home and from wasting energy on playing with him.. Likewise, if he doesn’t sleep at night, he will direct his need to play towards his partner rather than towards you. However, you should think about this very carefully because although grooming a cat is not as much effort as it would be to include a second dog in the home, it may cause anxiety or discomfort for your cat, especially if she is elderly or not very social.

Life with a night cat

Even if you already know how to get a cat to sleep at night, it’s a process like everything else, and day after day your cat won’t stop complaining to you at night, so we’re going to advise you to leave a few tricks in place so you can do a better job with the situation.

Don't let him come into your room before bed.Don’t let him come into your room before bed.
  • Close the bedroom door when you go to bed : You might think that this won’t stop your cat, and that’s true. Your pet will probably start meowing, demanding your attention to open the door, however, it is best to ignore him in such cases, try to buy earplugs before giving up, as over time the cat will get tired of meowing. and get used to the new situation. But yes, make sure that your pet does not make a lot of noise and disturb the neighbors.
  • Don’t give him food or pay attention to him at night. : If your cat meows, scratches you, or does something that bothers you because she is hungry or bored, and you give her what she asks for, the only thing that will do is strengthen your pet’s attitude and make her him to continue to repeat this behavior.
  • Don’t let him associate your room with games or toys. : When you play with him, do it in another room of your house and if he accidentally asks you to play in your room, ignore him and pay attention to him as soon as he returns to the living room or whatever place you are. used to playing.

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