Tropical fish: care and tips for keeping an aquarium

The vibrant colors of tropical fish mean that you can have a good time watching these animals as they also add a lot of relaxation to the environment.

tropical fish They have a characteristic that usually sets them apart from the rest, such as their very bright colors, which include blue, yellow, orange and others, and also when they live in their natural habitat, they are hidden. among the coral reefs. Also, tropical fish They can be either freshwater or saltwater. The areas where these curious, hypnotic fish are most concentrated are in Florida (USA), Malaysia and Hong Kong.

When choosing fish as a pet, it is always best to be tropical. Well, most saltwater or lake fish require very specific conditions. to survive. If the acidity of the water or temperature changes even momentarily, it will have dire consequences for these animals. That’s why, tropical fish, they resist changes in temperature and water acidity much better. This will prevent them from getting sick if you take too long to change the filter while cleaning it. aquarium.

Caring for tropical fish in an aquarium

To give better quality of life For tropical fish that you take as a pet, when equipping them (which can be found in any pet store), you need to consider these aspects so that they feel as comfortable as possible:

  • Aquarium with fish Light source. They can be purchased together or separately, the first option being the most common.
  • Gravel for the bottom of the aquarium. There are different types, so there will be a choice here to suit each person’s taste. It is also advisable to fill the background with some 3 centimeters.
  • For tropical fish, the aquarium must have a heater.For tropical fish, the aquarium must have a heater.
  • Thermometer and water heater. These are fish that require certain care, since by their nature they are accustomed to living under very high temperatures. Therefore, having a heater in your aquarium to regulate the water temperature will be more than necessary. Otherwise, if the water is colder than normal, they may get sick and die (though they usually live a long time if their temperature is not ideal). This is a fundamental aspect to consider if you decide to keep a pet as a pet. tropical fish.
  • Water conditioner and clarifier. These two devices can be adapted to tap water to keep fish alive as they adjust the pH of the water, kill bacteria and the chlorine keeps the water clean.
  • Plants and decorations. This aspect will be designed to suit the taste of each person, being an element more customizable because there are countless details and different shapes that allow you to create real works of art underwater, thus creating the aquarium of your dreams.

How to clean an aquarium

Important keep the aquarium clean for the health of your pets. I’d like to at least clean it once a week . Usually it is enough to change the water, but a gravel siphon can also be used to clean the bottom and other decorative elements. However, you need to consider:

Piranhas are carnivorous and mixing them with other fish is not recommended.Piranhas are carnivorous and mixing them with other fish is not recommended.
  1. Prepare new water that will be introduced into the aquarium. To allow the temperature to adjust better, it is advisable to let the water sit overnight before pouring it into the aquarium. If you can’t wait overnight, let it sit for at least half an hour.
  2. After this, an amount of water similar to that which will be introduced again is gradually removed.
  3. Filters need to be replaced every week to keep the water in perfect condition for tropical fish. The filter kit contains step-by-step instructions as they may vary depending on the model.

Recommendations for fish nutrition

Another aspect to consider when choosing tropical fish like a pet it’s feeding them. Be very careful because they can be both herbivores and carnivores and you will have to give them different diet. Also, it is always better to separate out some food and add it again rather than adding extra food. Also recommended don’t buy very large bottles If you don’t have enough fish because the boat is open doesn’t last long in a good condition.

Types of tropical fish

Check out some tropical fish that you should keep in your aquarium:

  • Tetras. These are sociable fish of small size and bright colors, among which red and silver stand out. This species has developed hearing, which means that they are always ready for any possible danger.
  • Swordtails base their diet on algaeSwordtails base their diet on algae
  • Sword Tail. These fish are native to Central America and North America. They are viviparous and feed on algae, vegetables and fish fry. The name of this fish comes from part of its body – a very extensive caudal fin, similar to a sword.
  • lamellar. The plate is one of the most common fish due to the variety of its colors, since it has almost all the colors of the rainbow. This is a viviparous fish, like the previous one, available in large quantities. Interestingly, they can interbreed with the swordtail. The male also has an anal fin, with which he fertilizes the female.
  • Guppy. Guppies are viviparous fish with a life expectancy of two years. They are very striking due to their bright colors, especially the males. They can reproduce every month. And they get used to eating time very well, moreover, when the time approaches, they rise to the surface to ask for it. These are very peaceful fish.
  • Piranhas. It must be taken into account that this type of fish is carnivorous and its main diet is based on eating other types of fish and living organisms in the water. Therefore, you will have to think carefully if you buy this type of breed.
  • Molly. Molly fish live in hard alkaline water. These are fish that lead a solitary lifestyle and are rarely found in pairs. They always eat vegetables.

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