Two Face’s ‘Born This Way’ introduces two new nudist palettes

The Too Faced cosmetics line has decided to expand on one of its most popular lines, ‘Born This Way’, with some palettes for the face and eyes.

Too Faced has decided to expand its cosmetics product line. Born thus ‘, one of the most popular capsules thanks to its cosmetic base, from which new products are inspired. There are two new features, a palette of highlighters on the one hand and a palette of shadows on the other, both dominated by golden tones.

First cosmetic ‘Natural nirvanas born this way’Focused on the development of nude shadows and highlighters Burn This Way Turn Up The Light Highlighting. The aim of these is to highlight the natural beauty and for this, the brand offers a variety of shades in the palette.

New ‘Born This Way’ products

'Born This Way' plates‘Born This Way’ plates

The innovations of ‘Born This Way’ are perfect to create both Relaxed look Powerful. This is thanks to the mix of matte products and the quality of the pigments in both the shadows and highlighters. They contain hyaluronic acid as an ingredient that softens, hydrates and softens the skin, preventing it from the effects of permanent makeup. It also contains coconut water, which keeps the skin moisturized Alpine rose It nourishes and regenerates.

The shade palette contains a total of 16 models In it you will find soft pinks, earth tones, different ranges of nude, gold and coffee colors. The everyday and natural eyeshadows you get are amazing in addition to the makeup possibilities Smoked or fully polished.

Finally introducing the Two Faced Highlighter Three effects. This product can be found here Four tons Different (light, medium, brown and deep) are therefore found to be most suitable for each person’s complexion. The ranges chosen by the brand are also inspired by the makeup bases, which you should check out Perfect gold Prepare to feel.

The highlighter palettes each have three different shades: ‘Dazzle’ (right), ‘Soft Focus’ (centre) and ‘Glow’ (left). He First among them Achieves very intense lighting and is recommended for use higher regions of the face, such as the tip of the nose or the top of the cheekbones. He ‘ Gentle attention ‘Provides a perfect finish and consolidates pores, dedicated Wide areas of the face. The lighting used first to complete the ‘glow’, a A more general effect Try it on the cheekbones, cupid’s bow or eyelids.

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