Types of aquarium lamps: what you need to know

There is a wide range of lamps that can be adapted to the aquarium, depending on its characteristics and the type of ecosystem the fish come from.

Lighting is one of the elements that is very important in an aquarium. And although many believe that this is a purely decorative or aesthetic element, the truth is that it is a key element. for fish development. So, in addition to knowing how to properly light an aquarium, you will also have to choose which lamp is most suitable to achieve greater well-being for both the animals and plants in it. To do this, we will need to better know the characteristics of the aquarium in terms of its shape, as well as the type of fish and plants inside, since then the lamp will be one or the other.

The purpose of the lamp is to create an ecosystem similar to that of fish. It is therefore recommended to alternate periods of light and darkness between From 8:00 to 12:00.. If there are also live plants in the aquarium, the duration of lighting will have to be increased. Nowadays, the predominant aquarium lamps are LED lamps, as they provide greater consumption savings and a longer service life.

LED lights consume the least and are used most often.LED lights consume the least and are used most often.

However, we are going to show you what types of lamps exist on the market with different characteristics and prices:

Fluorescent lamps

This is a very well-known option, also the most economical, and can be found in different sizes, shapes, lighting and colors. It must be said that lamps of this type do not provide much heat to the aquarium. If we are dealing with a marine aquarium in this case, then it is best to use tubes that emit dark blue light, since it closely resembles the lighting that these fish usually receive in their normal ecosystem.

LED bulbs

They are widely used as they adapt to all types of aquariums.They are widely used as they adapt to all types of aquariums.

As mentioned above, they are also widely used for aquarium lighting. They are characterized by their ability to adapt to both freshwater and marine aquariums. In addition, LED lamps can be perfectly customized size of the aquarium without any problems. Although its price is higher than those mentioned above, many people usually choose this type of lamps for their aquarium, and besides all these amenities, they are low power consumption and durable.

Metal halide lamps

These are the most expensive, but also the ones that provide the most illumination. This type of lamps They are usually very delicate both during its installation and during conservation, since any friction on its surface can lead to damage to its mechanism. They are especially used in aquariums that have reefs inside.

For more complete lighting, some people mix these three types of lamps in their aquarium. So they play with the characteristics that each of them provides, alternating between them.

Mercury vapor lamps

For large aquariums, it is recommended to use halogen lamps.For large aquariums, it is recommended to use halogen lamps.

This type is used for freshwater aquariums. Here you can find two types of this lamp: fluorescent or halogen. The first is usually used as individual lighting, although it is recommended don’t stay too long as this can lead to a decrease in the number of natural plants living in the aquarium. The second one is most recommended for large aquariums. It requires complex installation and usually provides different types of light power.

You must have Special care aquariums in the summer, as the lamps already produce heat to the animals and plants inside, so external heat can generate excess temperature that harms them. Therefore, exposure to artificial light will have to be reduced, and sometimes even the lamp will not be turned on in order to achieve this. do not disturb your breathing animals. Another trick that is usually used in such cases is to move the aquarium to less warm places.

Gradually turn on the lights in the aquariums.Signature

If in your case you are about to start an aquarium for the first time and are interested in lighting it for the health of your animals, it is recommended that you start by exposing it to this artificial light for about six hours. in the first month. After this time, the fish will adapt to the new place, and you can extend the lamp’s operating time to 8 hours for several months. After this period, the duration of light can last about 10 or 12 hours.

Therefore, taking into account all this necessary caution depending on the type of fish found and the shape of the aquarium, there will be no doubt that the animals you can enjoy protected environment in accordance with the ecosystem in which they were previously located.

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