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Persian cats are one of the most beautiful breeds in existence, and here you will find all types of these cats.

Race Persian cat This is a cat breed that is typically characterized by a broad, flat face and a large amount of fur covering its entire body. This type of cat comes in a variety of colors.

The cat breed, classified as an aristocracy, is medium in size. The head is usually round, the skull is quite wide. They have large round eyes and small ears. Due to the abundance of hair these animals have, they often lose large amounts of hair. Many Spanish homes choose this animal as a pet. Today we will tell you what types of Persian cats exist.

Types of Persian cats

Like other animal breeds, there are several varieties. Currently we can find 7 types of Persian cats, they are grouped according to their coat.. Among these breeds, you can choose the one that you like best and that best suits your lifestyle.

1. Silver and Gold

In this category we find gold and silver Persian cats. They are the ones that show the most poorly expressed colors. The color of this talisman is completely white with some darker shades., which is usually distinguished by the face, limbs, body and tail. The eyes of this type of Persian are green or blue-green.

Existing Persian cat breeds are very diverse.Existing Persian cat breeds are very diverse.

2. Solid

A variety that has a uniform coat, that is, the animal has the same color throughout the body. They can be white, black, blue, chocolate, reddish or cream. Cats known as solid colors may only have copper-colored eyes. Although in white Persian cats we can see up to three colors in the eyes, mixing copper, blue and both colors. Also, some of them have heterochromiawhich is an eye abnormality in which Irises of different colors.

3. Smoky and shaded

The eyes of this variety of Persian cat are greenish-copper in color. A variety that is undoubtedly in great demand and has one of the most beautiful coats of this breed. When the animal is motionless, it appears one color, but In motion it has several tones. This variety of Persian cat can be found in shades of black, blue, rhinestone, tan, smoky blue or smoky cream. They usually change their coat after two months of life.

4. striped

Persian tabby cats are known to be the most sociable of all Persian cats. You can find this pet in different colors and with very beautiful whiskers. You can find brindle, brown, black tones, etc.. If you are looking for a friendly and playful pet, this breed may be the animal you are looking for.

Choosing the type of Persian cat is very difficult.Choosing the type of Persian cat is very difficult.

5. colorful

A type of Persian characterized by dark colors and copper eyes. This cat’s head is usually dark and the body usually varies in color. The facial features are strong, but they have good character. The coloring of these animals is very diverse, but they are always distinguished by long and abundant fur.

6. Bicolor

From their name you can guess that they have two colors on their body. This color usually appears on the head and limbs. In addition, they have a maximum of two colored spots on their entire body. Although they can be a combination of several colors, it is common to see reddish-orange mixed with white..

7. Himalayan Persian cat

This is perhaps the most popular cat. These cats are the result of crossing Persian cats and Siamese cats. This talisman can be chocolate, gray, lilac, blue and red. You will surely find them adorable due to their bright blue color. You will be able to see their ears, nose and paws being darker in color.

General information about Persian cats

Persian cats need more care than a typical pet feline because its coat needs to be brushed frequently to remove excess hair. These are usually calm cats that do not like stress. Except, you must keep your weight up to date. After neutering, cats tend to gain weight and this is often a very serious problem as it causes problems in their vital organs.

Persian cats require special care.Persian cats require special care.

These cats tend to live long lives and can live up to 18 years in good conditions. A litter usually contains 3 to 5 kittens.

Are you thinking about a new pet? These animals have a very good temperament if you have children in your home. Plus, cats tend to be much more independent than dogs, so you can enjoy them without being roamed around like dogs.

Remember that all animals require an adjustment period to settle into their new home. The important thing is that your new pet has his own space and can gradually become familiar with his environment and become comfortable with his new home. Now that you know what types of Persian cats there are, you can choose the one that suits you best.

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