Uses of Glycerin in the Beauty World

Thanks to the power of glycerin, we can create very beneficial muscarines or emollient creams for our body and daily care.

Glycerin, well known to all, is an alcohol-based compound that is widely used in home remedies, soaps, and other daily recipes for skin care, hair care, and many other needs. We can find glycerin Drug stores and specialty centers, As well as in the wide world of the Internet, and can be found in two forms: liquid and pill. Glycerin is more convenient to use depending on the application. in form pill Due to its properties it has been used as a daily face wash in homes for decades, but today the liquid version is used to create more complete and special recipes.

Glycerin keeps our skin soft and moisturizedGlycerin keeps our skin soft and moisturized

1. Hydration : If you know anything Glycerin This is due to its moisturizing properties. This allows your skin to absorb all the water in the air that moves through the environment Own hydration Your body, it will keep your skin very radiant. This is particularly important Dry seasons Year round, like winter, your skin feels the weight of the cold more and has scaly areas. In these cases, you can apply some glycerin directly to the skin Daily soap Or with a liquid glycerin-based mask.

2. Soft : As we said, glycerin Help During the most critical times of the year, especially if your skin is naturally dry. This type of leather for many years He is suffering a lotBecause the skin starts to lose Elasticity and water. At this time they are easily irritated, and they may even appear Redness And some areas become hard and have expression lines Also marked. Daily use of glycerin on this type of skin will provide extra hydration, making it very soft and bright. By filling in those cracks that appear due to excessive dryness of the skin, it can look like an optical filler.

3. Healing : Glycerin is not only a good ally for dry skin, but it can also greatly help oily or excessively oily skin. Using glycerin in a daily cleansing routine can serve as a soothing and healing agent, especially in acne breakouts. Symptoms and infection.

We can make hair masks with glycerin to give our hair shineWe can make hair masks with glycerin to give our hair shine

4. A cleaner : If mixed with rose water to make the texture very watery, it will be perfect Cleanse at night Remove traces of dirt after removing makeup.

5. Body lotion : Glycerin is used to care for the face and its appearance, but its properties also benefit other parts of the body. Adding a little liquid glycerin to your body cream or shower gel can make its moisturizing effect more powerful, as glycerin is an excellent humectant. The coating will be more on your skin Smooth and shinyIt is especially recommended in summer where the skin is most affected Daily tan.

6. Cracked heel : Particularly in summer, it is more affected by the constant use of high-heeled sandals and open, flat shoes. This can become a very serious aesthetic problem, as the appearance of your feet can change a lot Look really cool. If you suffer from this problem, add glycerin to your nighttime routine. Mix it up Glycerin Mix it with rose water (much sweeter than natural water) and apply the resulting balm all over your feet, focusing on the heels and massaging. Use Thin socks So the mixture is more effective at night and does not stain the sheets. Thanks to the anti-crack filling effect and moisturizing properties, your heels will look great as the days go by. Smooth and soft.

Glycerin is one of the most effective remedies for heel spurs.Glycerin is one of the most effective remedies for heel spurs.

7. Hair mask : Glycerin is a good supplement for dry hair, even if only on the ends of the hair. Mix one tablespoon of liquid glycerin with two tablespoons of honey and another of olive oil and apply from root to tip like a normal mask. Let it work for some 20 minutes And rinse with water. It will give your hair lots of shine and softness without being damaged by chemicals based on sulfates and silicones.

For all these, glycerin can become another partner in your daily beauty routine because, as we said, it is suitable for all skin types and gives a very bright look. Healthy, shiny and smooth.

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