Vinyl flooring and wall covering

Wall and floor repairs can be done using vinyl or even metal siding.

We know that renovations are always best left to professionals and specialists, but the truth is that we can also save a little on the domestic economy by making small changes to the house ourselves.

Wall and floor coverings are a widely used method.Wall and floor coverings are a widely used method.

Whether it’s because we’re already tired of the color of our walls and floors, or simply because we want to innovate a room in the house, today we’ll explain it to you in simple terms. how to install vinyl flooring and walls. Take a paper and pen and write it down, this technique is cutting edge.

What is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is a technique that is currently on the rise, its success due to the quality of the materials and the ease of execution of this technique. This type of coating is used for both floors and walls and is recommended for installation in areas where humidity prevails as the material is prepared in such a way as to prevent the penetration of water and/or heat. These are tiles that require no effort to install, so patience and some skill are required. In one or two days you will do everything already low cost.

The coating is used in more northern cities.The coating is used in more northern cities.

This type of coating is often used in cities further north due to the moisture barrier properties they are built with. Not convinced by this coverage yet? Well, we offer you another advantage, and that is that with this type of coating they also isolate noise and, even better, since it is made from innovative materials, it does not require excessive maintenance, which makes it the best option if there are children at home.

There are several textures and colors, Can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens. or terraces, such slabs are easy to find in any center specializing in construction work or masonry, and the price for them is not very high. Vinyl is the clear winner when it comes to decorating this year.

How to make vinyl flooring?

Thanks to its innovative appearance and, as we have previously emphasized, ease of installation, vinyl flooring will take you no more than a morning’s work.

Metal and Vinyl Siding Brings Innovation to Our HomesMetal and Vinyl Siding Brings Innovation to Our Homes

Although its placement is very simple, we recommend that you Cut the tiles where you buy the flooring. or from establishments that specialize in masonry, the cost will be lower than if you had to buy the necessary cutters and tools.

What materials are needed for cladding?

The main thing will be adhesive vinyl tiles, both for walls and floors. Special vinyl adhesive, sealing primer and, if there is no adhesive on the tiles, buy special vinyl glue.

The first thing you will have to do is remove all the furniture and objects in the room to make installation work easier. The second step will be apply a layer of sealing primer on the floor, and when it dries, we apply it to the walls. It usually takes a couple of hours to dry, but three hours is best.

To cover your home, you will have to remove all the furniture.To cover your home, you will have to remove all the furniture.

Let’s start with the floor, placing the first tile in the corner and gradually filling in the central part. It is important that the first tile covering the part is against the wall. Recommended for soil pre-apply special glue for vinyl, this way we will ensure that the slabs do not move and remain completely glued to the bottom floor. It is important that the pieces of vinyl on the floor do not coincide with each other horizontally, that is, do not lie on the same line, this will give greater stability. When the floor is ready, let the vinyl glue dry and begin applying the coating to the walls.

We can install various types of vinyl products on the wall, the optical effect will be unsurpassed, and the aesthetics will be as if it was done by a professional. As we said, There are many different textures and finishes Therefore, it is advisable to put the same type of tile on the floor so as not to overload the room, and with the walls you can play with contrasts and see which combination will be the best.

Vinyl siding comes in different types.Vinyl siding comes in different types.

As for the wall, we will start from the bottom up, first we will apply vinyl adhesive, if the purchased tiles are not included, we will glue the tiles using a special glue. Just like on earth It is advisable that the slabs are not located along the same line.. After installing the slabs, it is important to secure all the slabs using plates with some weight and wait until they are properly secured and dry.

Finally, our room will change and, at little cost, the effect of ceramics or stone will be achieved. and without having to invest a lot of money in tools and stone accessories.

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