Warm water fish – Bequia Mascotas.

There are a variety of warm water fish that are ideal for large and small aquariums that are very easy to care for and will delight seabed enthusiasts.

Warm-water fish are freshwater fish that primarily come from the warmest regions of the planet. More precisely, they come from South and Central America, Southeast Asia and Africa. These are areas where temperatures are very high throughout the year due to strong exposure to the sun. which contributes to the good development and growth of this animal.

If you have ever wanted to keep these fish as a pet, In this article you will find a selection of the most beautiful and easy-to-care warm-water fish., so you can choose which one you want as a pet. So if this is what you are looking for, feel free to keep reading to learn all about the different species of this animal.

Danios family fish are very easy to care for.Danios family fish are very easy to care for.

Danio Zebra or Danio Rerio

All fish of the Danios family. They are very easy to care for. However, the so-called zebra danios or rerios danios are the simplest and one of the most beautiful. These schooling fish are very social, so it is preferable for them to live with several fish of the same species so that they form a community and can reproduce as they do this very easily. If the water is clean and well drained, They don’t have any quality problems.. These zebrafish can reach a maximum of five centimeters.

Neon Tetra

They are a schooling fish and one of the most sought after in hot water due to their incredible colors: neon blue, red, orange, black and white. They are small in size and They are able to adapt very well to living with other species.. However, it is preferable for them to live with other fish of the same species to keep them comfortable and balanced.

These fish are very easy to care for, as they are not at all picky about the quality and temperature of the water, although it is better that the water has a pH below 7 and a temperature of around 25 degrees. Its size can reach four centimeters, and for a comfortable life they need an aquarium with a volume of about 50 or 60 liters..

Guppy fish are ideal for starting an aquarium.Guppy fish are ideal for starting an aquarium.

cherry barbel

This cherry red fish, hence its name, is a very peaceful fish that likes to live in small groups of its own species, like itself, with about five other fish. They reproduce very easily if they are in the right conditions.water temperature from 22 to 24 degrees, a lot of vegetation.


These fish are members of the poecilid family and are the easiest to care for, making them ideal for those looking to start out in an aquarium. They are quite reliable and very easy to reproduce, so much so that this can sometimes become a problem. They are also very calm and sociable, which allows them to adapt to living with other species very easily.

These fish are very colorful when raised in the wild. However, Aquarium guppies usually do not have as many colors.; But if that’s what you’re looking for, buy the males of this species, which are usually more colorful than the females. Their size can reach six centimeters, and the ideal temperature of the water in which they live would be from 22 to 28 degrees and an aquarium with a volume of about 80 liters.

Corydora panda fish are suitable for small aquariums due to their size.Corydora panda fish are suitable for small aquariums due to their size.

pearl gourami

These fish belong to the Belontid family. They are easy to care for, they like their tanks to have plenty of vegetation to allow them to spawn, and the water temperature to be around 25 degrees. They breed very easily, and the volume of the aquarium in which they live should be from 50 to 150 liters.depending on the amount of fish.


This animal comes from the poecilid family and is an ideal fish for those just starting out in aquarium keeping. They are not at all demanding on the quality of water, as long as it is at the ideal temperature., that is, from 25 to 28 degrees; although they are capable of adapting to higher and lower temperatures. They are quite large compared to the others, measuring about 12 centimeters, which means they need aquariums with a volume of at least 100 liters. They prefer to live with fish of the same species in groups of about five individuals, but are quite sociable with other fish.

Corridor panda

This animal is quite small. Its size can be a maximum of four and a half centimeters, making it an ideal pet for small aquariums of around 60 liters. These fish eat algae and They usually like to clean the aquarium of these plants.why do they have the nickname clean products.

The harlequin fish has great energy and does not stop swimming.The harlequin fish has great energy and does not stop swimming.

harlequin fish

The harlequin fish or rasbora is a high energy fish that never stops swimming. In addition, like the others, he is very sociable and gets along well with the rest of the species. It is a schooling fish that likes to be surrounded by other fish of the same species. The ideal temperature for harlequin fish is between 24 and 27 degrees and the pH level of the water should be less than 6.5.. They are quite small, as the maximum they can measure is 5 centimeters, but they still need an aquarium of at least 100 liters.

Betta fish

These fish are very beautiful due to their bright and vibrant colors. The betta fish is distinguished by long fins that show creating absolutely incredible visual effects of color and movement; However, the problem with this species as a pet is that it tends to be a bit aggressive towards males of the same species, so you should be careful.

Blue gourami may become antisocial over timeBlue gourami may become antisocial over time

Besides, This is usually not the case with fish of different species., but you will have to take certain precautions, for example, look for those species with which the betta fish gets along best. These fish do not need a very large aquarium; a 50 liter aquarium will be more than enough. The temperature it requires ranges from 22 to 30 degrees.

blue gourami

This fish is extremely beautiful and the good thing is that it is very easy to care for as it is a very calm fish although it can become a bit antisocial over time. Its size can reach 10 centimeters, which means that we will need an aquarium with a volume of at least 100 liters. It is necessary not to combine this fish with others that are territorial in nature.as they may end up cornering him.

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