What is veceria in fruit trees?

This type of phenomenon is common in fruit trees, and the worst part is that there is no solution.

Veseria is a phenomenon in which certain fruit trees produce large amounts of fruit one year, but the next year they may produce almost none. This is a kind of rotation in production, and sometimes during the season the tree is exhausted, generating a lot, but the next year it rests. Growth can be controlled slightly by pruning, although there are trees that suffer greatly from this phenomenon, such as the olive tree.

One of the disadvantages of this production method has economic implications, since the goal is to ensure uniform production every season. Here are some problems caused by this phenomenon:

  • In years of good production, the fruits are small in size and therefore have less commercial value.
  • In years of poor production, there are few fruits, but they are large, so their sales are also unsatisfactory.

Why does verceria occur?

Atmospheric climate may have something to do with this behavior of trees, although the rotation is usually quite stable, occurring every two years. There are other internal factors to consider.

It consists of obtaining a large amount of fruit throughout the year.It consists of obtaining a large amount of fruit throughout the year.

As for which crops are most affected by vecheria, it is usually fruit trees, although not always. Yes indeed each species exhibits it in a certain way, in more or less degree. There are trees such as citrus trees, apple trees or olive trees that have a very noticeable presence, especially in the latter where they are much more severe, although they can be more or less controlled by pruning.

Fruit trees suffer the most from this method.Fruit trees suffer the most from this method.

Farm control methods

Although it cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced, but it must be taken into account that the results can be quite variable depending on the species, climate or variety of fruit tree.

Fruit thinning

This is the most effective method of controlling the spread and should be carried out during the early stages of fruit development. It is a cultural practice of removing excess fruit manually, mechanically or chemically as a way of regulating stress on fruit trees.


This method is especially used when growing citrus fruits. It involves interrupting the flow of phloem by making a cut in the tree bark, which can temporarily prevent the processed sap from reaching the roots. Here fruit growth is stimulated.

This is done to stimulate fruit growth.This is done to stimulate fruit growth.


When a large harvest is achieved, it is preferable to prune so that production is more consistent.


When an olive tree produces a lot, it consumes a lot of potassium and little nitrate, so the soil will end up containing more nitrate than potassium. Therefore, a good fertilizer will help prevent streaking.

When very high productivity is achieved, it is advisable to practice pruning.When very high productivity is achieved, it is advisable to practice pruning.

The olive tree is one of the most affected fruit trees.

Since the volume of production over a period of time is so large, the olive tree may be depleted, with a small growth of shoots, which are carriers of the future harvest. The number of flower buds should be prevented by pruning, that is, thinning out the fruit-bearing branches. Some olive tree varieties are more productive than others.Therefore, in this phenomenon one can guess about the genetic component, but nothing is clear about it. On the other hand, there are cultivation methods that shorten the harvest, such as irrigation or early harvesting of olives. When the production of this product is large, especially in the production of oil, it has a very significant impact on agriculture and therefore on the economy that is supported by this type of cultivation, so that some years are full of splendor, while others experience the opposite. Despite constant attempts to mitigate this phenomenon, the “damage” can only be reduced, since it is impossible to completely eliminate the growth of this type of tree.

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