What is zeolite? An indispensable element in aquariums.

Discover Zeolite, a naturally occurring product that will help filter your aquarium water and effectively keep it clean.

Filtration in aquariums is an important and indispensable process for maintaining the cleanliness and good quality of our pets’ homes. If the water remains clean and well filtered, the fish can live in good condition. Zeolite is a filter substrate. whose performance in the water filtration process is superior to that obtained using activated carbon or sand filters. Moreover, this is a product natural origin.

What does zeolite consist of?

The structure of zeolite is composed of minerals arising from volcanic structures. It consists of minerals and crystals with high exchange capacity. ions. By analyzing the internal structure of this substance, we found that there are small channels with a diameter of about 0.5 nm. For this reason, it is considered a porous material suitable for water filtration. Thus, thanks to zeolite Any dirt that may be suspended in the water can be removed. so that the aquarium is absolutely clean.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring product that will help filter your aquarium.Zeolite is a naturally occurring product that will help filter your aquarium.

The structure also consists of several parts that have pores of larger diameter. really this ion exchange capacity which makes it possible to absorb dirt and polluting elements present in the water and their eventual removal.

How it works? Differences in salt and fresh water

Zeolites, which are calcium exchangers, are able to absorb the ammonia compounds present due to the low content of calcium and magnesium ions. This occurs in freshwater aquariums. The process will be completely different if we have sea water in our aquarium.. In this type of water the percentage of calcium is much higher than in fresh water. For this reason, zeolite acts as a microporous biological substrate in this environment. In addition, numerous bacteria can concentrate on the surface, which quickly convert ammonia into nitrite, and that into nitrate. In this case, the inside of the zeolite has a very low oxygen concentration, this is due to the high consumption outside. Therefore, the bacteria settling in these areas are completely autotrophic and are capable of synthesizing their own nutrition. They also remove nitrates by converting them into vaporizable nitrogen with the help of carbon..

Zeolite must be replaced regularly to be effective.Zeolite must be replaced regularly to be effective.

How long is zeolite effective?

Zeolite doesn’t last forever. Over time, its metabolic function deteriorates precisely due to colonies of bacteria that clog small pores on its surface. This massive presence, together with absorbed compounds, ultimately completely blocks the action of the substrate. Here we see the reason why we have to replace the zeolite charge periodically and this is the reason why zeolite requires maintenance. Once it starts to fail during the water filtration process, it needs to be replaced. When using zeolite in an aquarium, it is recommended to use it gradually to facilitate filtration.. That is, under no circumstances should you start filtering water with the entire load of zeolite. In the same way, once the ammonia level becomes stable, it is advisable to remove the zeolite; It is not advisable to use it as a permanent base. Instead, it is better to remove it and keep the aquarium clean using the usual method, such as activated carbon or sand.

Other ways to keep your aquarium clean

In addition to zeolite, you should consider other methods to support your health. clean and healthy aquarium.

You can add live plants to clean your aquarium.You can add live plants to clean your aquarium.

Cloudy water is not always bad

Often when we see that our fish are living in troubled waters, we quickly try to find a solution. In most cases, cloudy water will disappear on its own as the water in the environment adjusts. Cloudy water is often caused by the mixing of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, protozoa and micrometazoans. Before adding chemicals or using radical solutions to purify the water, you need to keep in mind that the aquarium is full of living organisms.. Before changing the water or using any chemicals, try to determine the reason why it is cloudy.

Place live plants in the aquarium.

Another way to keep your aquarium clean is to place live plants inside. This type of vegetation is covered in beneficial bacteria., which also filter water. You can compare them at any pet store or buy them online.

Change water

It is recommended to change 20% of the water in the tank every week. If you are using tap water, wait a few days for it to adjust. Along that path reaches room temperature and will allow the chlorine to dissipate, which will prevent the water from disturbing the fish when you pour it into the aquarium.

For clear water, the fish should be fed in moderation.For clear water, the fish should be fed in moderation.

Decorate your aquarium with knowledge and care

Sometimes the water can become cloudy due to the decorative elements we add to it. Be sure to wash your jewelry thoroughly before placing it in the tank. Check all decorative elements of the tank to ensure they are in good working order. designed for aquariums and buy them from safe places.

Be careful with the light

Make sure the aquarium is not exposed to too much light as this can cause algae growth. Avoid placing your aquarium near a window and only leave the lights on for 10 to 12 hours a day.

Don’t overfeed your fish

Don’t give your pets too much food. This may cause the water to become cloudy. Fish should be fed in moderation. Feed them a small amount of food once a day. to avoid scattering of excess residues throughout the tank.

One way to clarify water is to clean the tank.One way to clarify water is to clean the tank.

Check the filters

If the filters are not working properly, the water may become cloudy. The filtration system contains bacteria that absorb byproducts such as ammonia and keep it clean. If the filters stop working, Bacteria can accumulate in the water and give it a cloudy appearance..

Clean the tank thoroughly

Another way to clarify water is to regularly clean the inside of the tank with a brush. It is advisable to do this at least once a month.

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