What to do if there is a gas leak

In the event of a possible gas leak, whatever it may be, the most important thing is to leave material wealth and ensure the safety of people’s lives.

Gas leak This is something seriousand this is why it is vitally important to carry out adequate checks to avoid any accident for this reason. Moreover, you can even follow some guidelines to be able to prevent gas leakage For example, if the stove is gas, you need to avoid drafts and liquid spills that could extinguish the flame as gas continues to escape and can cause an explosion. WITH Over timeMany companies have implemented an automatic gas shut-off system that activates if it detects that the flame has gone out.

It must also be taken into account that this strictly prohibited have more than two cylinders at home in Spain to avoid major damage in case of gas leak. In addition, it is important to open windows for good ventilation and removal gas flammability range and fire prevention.

It is strictly forbidden to have more than two butane cylinders at home.It is strictly forbidden to have more than two butane cylinders at home.

It’s fundamental know how to recognize a possible gas leak or leakto avoid accidents associated with this power supply. To detect it, it is important to take into account the following signs: What are they:

  • Strong smell of gaswhich, despite the lack of odor, companies add mercaptan based fragrance to assist in leak detection.
  • Hissing or blowing sound due to to a gas leak.
  • Bubbles in still waterbecause if the leak is outside the house, it is a telltale sign of a gas leak.

What to do if there is a gas leak

First of all, it is necessary to support calmly be able to act coherently and as quickly as possible. Smell will play an important role, since it is he who will immediately detect the problem. Even if it smells like gas, don’t be afraid to take it necessary measuresand look how big the problem is.

The sense of smell will be critical in detecting odor.The sense of smell will be critical in detecting odor.

1 When the gas leak is small

In this case you can breathe easily, the smell of gas is not strong, and you will not hear the loud sound of gas escaping, like hissing. If such a situation arises, small gas leak. The first thing to do is to make the lives of children and elderly people living in the house safe. Therefore, in this situation it is necessary to follow next steps:

  • Open doors and windows, including curtains.
  • Disable gas supply counter boxes (if you know how to do it).
  • Review ovens and burners.
  • Review Make sure all kitchen controls are turned off.
  • To figure out if the boiler pilot light has gone out, because this is one of the most common causes of gas smell in homes.
  • Call gas marketer and follow the instructions they give.
  • If there is a defect repair as soon as possible.
If you smell gas, it is important to open the windows.If you smell gas, it is important to open the windows.

2 When the gas leak is large

On the other hand, if a situation arises in which I can’t breathe calmlysmell of gas a loud thud or thud is heard indicates that a lot of gas is coming out, the leak may be larger than in the previous case, and therefore immediate action must be taken. In this situation, this must be done next:

  • First of all, get everyone outside inhabitants of the house, including animals.
  • No need to search origin of the leak, safety comes first.
  • They should not be used any electrical or mechanical devices, including computers or telephones.
  • Do not start no car if you live in a low house or chalet and automobile is very close to home.
  • Emergency assistance will be called go outside at home or at your natural gas retailer to access the instructions they say.
  • I won’t enter the house again until further notice.
  • If the meter shut-off valve Abroad you can try to close it.
It is necessary to carry out routine inspections of the boiler and gas.It is necessary to carry out routine inspections of the boiler and gas.

Practical advice

To avoid possible gas leak or leak It is advisable to follow the following tips to ensure that your properties are in good condition throughout the year. For example, on the coldest days We must remember not to turn on the heating in the house too much, as this unnecessarily increases gas bills and creates health problems for the occupants.

Except, boiler and gas check It must be carried out regularly within the prescribed time limits and always by authorized specialists, never assume that it works well with your own means. Adequate ventilation must also be ensured. both summer and winter.

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