Which wash cycle should you always use?

Setting up your washing machine can be confusing due to the number of specialized programs for each fabric.

Turning on the washing machine seems as simple as brushing your teeth until the time comes to understand this machine with so many buttons and programs which can cause a lot of confusion. Each manufacturer gives their programs specific names, while others have specific programs already set, but don’t worry, it will be explained here which types of washes are best for our laundry.

Before explaining which type of program should be used for each wash, you should take into account series of tips when starting the wash, as this can cause an unsolvable disaster for the clothes, causing you to have to get rid of them.

Setting up a washing machine with so many programs can be confusing at first.Setting up a washing machine with so many programs can be confusing at first.

What to do to wash clothes well

  1. Separate clothes by fabric and color..

    It may seem stupid, but if you don’t do it, clothes will eventually get stained and worn out. Clothes should be separated into colored and white, as well as by fabric, thus separating wool, cotton, sportswear… In addition, delicate clothes, such as underwear, should preferably be placed in mesh bags to prevent the washing machine from swallowing laces or bra wires .

  2. Wash clothes inside out

    This may surprise you at first glance, but washing clothes inside out It’s more profitable than it seems as it protects the color of the clothes, reducing wear and tear.

  3. full washing machine

    Installing a washing machine with only a few items of clothing involves unnecessary electricity and water consumption. This is why it is advisable to have a large amount of clothing, so save on expenses. It should also be noted that the more clothes you have in the washing machine, the more detergent you won’t have to add as this idea, except for the fact that This is not truehas the opposite effects.

It is advisable to put a washing machine with a large amount of clothes.It is advisable to put a washing machine with a large amount of clothes.

Types of washing

Once you take these tips into account when washing your clothes, you will now need to know which type of program is best for washing your clothes and thus keep them from wearing out as little as possible.

  • Cotton and linen: This is a program designed for these sustainable clothing and the one that ends up being the dirtiest. The temperature in this program ranges from 40-60° depending on the type of color. If we want to use a color washing machine, the temperature will be a maximum of 60 degrees, and a white one will be 60-90 degrees. With this type of washing, the consumption of water and electricity is quite high. Here Cotton IVF program this is the same thing, only the light consumption is lower and the temperature does not reach 90°, with 60° being the maximum.
  • Synthetics: This is a shorter program with a temperature of 40-60°. This program specializes in fabrics containing cotton, polyester, nylon or synthetic fibers.
  • Sport: This is a short program, especially for sportswear and even shirts, since these fabrics sweat when They don’t need serious washing.
  • Gentle: gentle program designed for silk, lace and lingerie, the inclination angle does not exceed 30°, with a fairly moderate spin.
  • Wool: Probably the fabric everyone fears most when washing in the washing machine as it shrinks so easily. The temperature in this program is not higher than 30 degrees, and breaks are also taken so that it does not clump. Preferably do not use fabric softener or mild soap.
  • Mixed: This is the most commonly used wash, especially among independent young people, because due to their unfamiliarity with home, mix fabrics. This program uses temperatures between 30 and 60°C at long intervals to prevent damage to clothing.
  • Antiallergic: Some washing machines have this feature, allowing you to thorough wash. This program usually does a good job of removing baby stains. This is a long program with hot water and a temperature of 60 degrees.
  • Fast: Some washing machines have a short program of 15 minutes, others have a 30-minute program, and others have both. This is a short program with a temperature of 30-40 degrees, in which you can wash clothes worn once and for a short time like the t-shirt you wore alone one afternoon.
  • Centrifuged: only this program pulls water out of clothes after washing or getting very wet. From 700-800 to 1400 rpm. The more revolutions per minute, the more water it extracts and the faster your clothes dry.
  • Cleared up: add enough water to wet the laundry. It consumes a lot of water, but has low temperature and low light consumption.
  • Download: drain the water from the washing machine without spinning causing the clothes to become completely wet.
Once your washing machine has finished running, it is recommended that you clean it to keep it working.Once your washing machine has finished running, it is recommended that you clean it to keep it working.

Once you explain all the programs available in washing machines, washing will become an activity that you can enjoy while also preserving your clothes and ensuring they last a long time. It is recommended to wash both items each time you use the washing machine. drum like a washing machine drawer and door to extend the life of the device and prevent the growth of microbes.

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