Why are Japanese cosmetics so fashionable?

Japanese cosmetics may have the answer to all our prayers and there are wonderful cosmetics to use on a daily basis.

Japan is advancing rapidly not only with new technologies Cosmetics Further. A blend of ancient traditions Technological advances They make their cosmetics very fashionable and demanding. Traditionally, men and women are worshiped with perfect complexion, without spots or wrinkles.

Sociologist Mitsu OtsuboIt explains that in Japan beauty starts at a very young age, with girls starting to wear makeup as early as age 10, with shadows on their eyes and gloss on their lips.

Japanese cosmetics are in fashion because their products work at low pricesJapanese cosmetics are in fashion because their products work at low prices

The good thing about Japanese cosmetics is that Cheap products are not bad quality, so more are consumed because they are reachable to more packets. Japanese women place great importance on facial cleanliness as a basis for skin health: 90% use cleanser and toner. Pursuing a perfect, white complexion is the Japanese beauty ideal.

Price quality

One of the things that makes Japanese cosmetics successful, as we told you before, and the relationship with the price is incredible, is the performance of their products at affordable prices. It all started with arrival Revolutionary BB cream and CC cream. With just one gesture, these cosmetics hydrate and give your complexion a more flattering tone while, at the same time, brightening the skin.

You can see results from the first use, and every time we buy a cosmetic product, we continue to search for the miracle that Japanese cosmetics achieve.

BB cream and CC cream have revolutionized the makeup scene in JapanBB cream and CC cream have revolutionized the makeup scene in Japan

Standard message

A world of beauty It won’t stop updating, new revolutionary formulas are always emerging that improve upon previous ones. They never tire of being in constant innovation to improve their audience and give them what they need. Chain Sephora Bets heavily on cosmetics with more striking and eye-catching packaging. Innovation not only goes in with the product, but also goes out and in Organization game.

Eye-catching packaging and natural ingredients

Very striking Their packaging is, with animal patterns or fancy and exotic patterns. Many people collect them and can have such attractive packaging The perfect gift or detail. It’s a cosmetic that goes in through the eyes, and who doesn’t love having lipstick in the shape of a bear? It is The right marketing strategy : I see it, I touch it and take it, if the product works, what more can I ask for?

Experts in this category of cosmetics agree Product quality. Most cosmetics contain in their ingredients: kotu kola, sesame or bamboo, which provides many benefits to the skin.

Japanese cosmetic containers can be shaped like animalsJapanese cosmetic containers can be shaped like animals

Japanese cosmetics

To all the followers of Japanese cosmetics, you should pay attention and take note of what we are going to tell you below. Let’s analyze that 8 Most Wanted Brands of Asian Cosmetics. Let’s start Cos brand. An innovative brand since 1946, over 60 years of excellence and strategic growth. It is sold in 12 countries and collaborates with major fashion and makeup brands internationally. Premium quality ingredients combined with effective formulas.

The MUJI brandFounded in Japan at the end of the 80s, it is already one of the first international brands that has spread to more than 27 countries around the world. Their philosophy is simplicity, and skin care has one basic ingredient: water, which they collect from Mount Omen.

Toners are a product that Japanese women love in their daily routineToners are a product that Japanese women love in their daily routine

Another brand, U-Bee We can’t find it anywhere but BodyBell stores. Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari developed Yu-Bee, a concentrated glycerin cream with a moist base and enriched with vitamins B2, E and camphor, at the request of a client with cracked feet. Patented formulation.

Well known brands

The Cosmetic company SK-II belongs to luxury cosmetics, given the price of its products. You will be familiar with Shiseido by looking at its products on the shelves of each specialty store and the quality of its products. Fima Sensai is one of the famous brands that we know and belong to Japanese cosmetics. It is one of the leading representatives of maintaining beauty and skin health.

The anti-aging formula is composed of sansashi extract and koishimaru silk extract. The first improves cellular receptivity and the second ingredient provides the softness your skin needs with powerful ingredients that activate your skin’s hydration. Astalift Company A Japanese facial care brand that specializes in preventing melanin formation and the aging process. The ingredients they use most are Astaxanthin, collagen of natural origin and micronized active ingredients.

Finally, we conclude Shu Umurra One of the most viable brands in Japanese luxury. They are inspired by the traditional tea ceremony. The company offers a beauty ritual for every hair type.

Water is one of the most used ingredients in Japanese cosmetics.Water is one of the most used ingredients in Japanese cosmetics.

An expanding market

One of their star products in the makeup world Eyelid curls. Reviews from all over the world recommend it and say it’s a must-have in their toiletry bags. Due to its natural ingredients and innovation in all fields, not forgetting the price, Japanese cosmetics are very fashionable.

The first thing you should do when you go on a trip is to get to know the streets where you sell these products, as each one has different prices. Japanese tradition, as we mentioned before, is very important in everyday life and in your care. For that and for his dedication Japan has some of the most revolutionary cosmetics on the marketAnd it reaches more countries due to their international expansion.

There are both masks and masks Immediate effects. The quest to improve and achieve their objectives is the main reason for their research, and above all it is their achievement and improvement, Be brave and try some of their products!.

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