Younger Skin at 40: Safety and Precautions

In addition to doing exercises on your face and neck, it is important to combine them with a good diet and appropriate creams for each skin type and time of day.

observation of the skin It is necessary from an early age to avoid premature aging. It should be noted that we should not forget that the neck is also eternally forgotten. A zone That you should pay attention. As the years go by, the skin dries out, small spots and impurities appear, but nothing happens because the problem can be prevented or modified so that they disappear completely.

Caution for young skin

To care for the skin Elastic and young You should do exercises to keep the facial muscles looking fit and without any wrinkles or marks due to age. Raising the eyebrows, opening the mouth and sticking out the tongue, moving the nose from side to side, pursing the lips into an ‘O’ shape are some of the exercises to get firmer skin. At the same time, you should keep your skin hydrated 24 hours a day and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in summer, especially during the hottest hours of the day. 12:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Practice exercises to train the muscles of the face Do exercises to make the facial muscles look like exercise Photo: Shutterstock

Others Basic factor Maintaining youthful skin in your 40s is rest. As we get older, it takes longer to get about 8 hours of sleep straight, or we need to occasionally stop the frenzied rhythm of daily stress, but we have to do it because the skin has memory and is reflected over the years. To reach that age a Good skin condition There is one factor that must not be neglected and that is staying hydrated all hours of the day, at least for a few hours. 8 glasses of water a day It is equal to 1.5 liters.

You can take that too Nut water, but only during meals, because if consumed between meals, the body recognizes it as a food item and consumes energy to digest it. In addition, you can take some kind of treatment based on vitamins, which are sold completely natural in herbal medicine, and there are specialists who can modify them. Vitamins For each person.

Importance of a cleaning procedure

For one reason or another, the skin appears Exposure to makeup Even with the usual ‘wash face effect’ technique, day after day. It’s true that simple day-to-day makeup will keep the skin healthy and glowing as much as possible. Whenever you wake up, you should have a beauty routine that includes cleansing Hot water and soap Make-up residue. Then, with makeup remover cotton rounds and a few drops of micellar water, we continue to remove impurities from the face so that it is completely clean. This process should be done both Before sleeping like in the morning. The changes in a few days are amazing.

It is important to remove makeup dailyIt is important to remove makeup daily Photo: Shutterstock

Skin care

You should always take into account this category Skin texture (fat, mixed or dry), not all people have the same type. To find out what type of skin you have, it is best to visit a dermatologist so that he can do a general examination of your skin condition. skin Advise which products are best for each type of person. Usually you have to find the right creams for this routine, which consists of applying Some creams or serums are at night and others are during the day.

The difference is that it’s at night High effect Because the skin is not exposed to external agents like smoke or pollution. And day creams usually contain protection from sunlight, as it affects the skin with premature aging and spots on the face and neck.


One basic observation to see Beautiful and glowing skinApart from cleaning the skin and taking care of it daily, it is the diet, for example, a smoker does not have the same skin as a non-smoker. If you eat too much chocolate, industrial pastries and fast and fatty foods, your skin will not look like it should if you eat vegetables, omega 3, fruits and healthy foods. This does not mean that physical tribute is not paid from time to time, but always Exactly.


It is better to use creams or serums at night and others during the day.It is better to use creams or serums at night and others during the day.

It is better to apply creams or serums at night and others during the day (Photo: Shutterstock/CMG)

The good thing about taking care of your diet every day is that both your skin and your hair will have a perfect and healthy glow. Also, the body will notice these positive changes both internally and aesthetically. It may sound like a cliché, but if you mix a healthy and balanced diet with exerciseSkin changes can be spectacular in a short period of time.

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