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Find out about the different types of help available to single mothers and how to have it on hand if this is your case.

Being a mother isn’t always easy, but if you’re also a single mother, things can be even more difficult. Making ends meet can be difficult, and even more so when you have a child in charge, so if you don’t meet the minimum income, you can apply for some financial assistance that will make it easier for you to be financially stable. If you want I know all the help that is available For people who are in the same situation as you, keep reading this article.

Maternity deduction for working mothers

Working mothers, whether employed or self-employed, provided that they are registered with the Social Security Service or the relevant mutual insurance system. They have the right to a maternity benefit for each child under 3 years of age..

You may request these aids while working.You may request these aids while working.

This help is universal, so you can ask for it while you’re working. If you are unemployed, on leave or have a disability, you can request other types of assistance, but not this one. If something happens If you are on sick leave or pregnant, you can request it if you have a valid employment contract..

The required deposit time you must have to receive this assistance is 15 days a month, whether full-time or part-time. In the case of agricultural sector workers, they must contribute at least 10 days per month.

This help 1200 euros per year per child which you can receive in full or divided into 12 monthly payments of 100 euros per child.

Dependent child benefit

This assistance is also administered by the Social Security Service and is intended forpeople who care for children under 18 years of age or people over this age who have a disability equal to or greater than 65%. To receive this assistance, it does not matter whether you are working or not, but you must meet the following requirements:

Large families are provided with various types of discounts.Large families are provided with various types of discounts.
  • Residence in Spain
  • Have children under or over the age of 18 who have a disability equal to or greater than 65%.
  • They are not eligible to receive other assistance of this type.
  • Do not have an annual income exceeding 11,605.77 euros per year per child, unless he has a disability. Large families cannot exceed 17,467.40 euros per year.
  • This help 291 euros per year per child as long as they do not have a disability, if they have a disability equal to or greater than 33% this figure increases to 1000 euros per year, if it exceeds 60% it increases to 4426.80 euros per year and if equal to or exceeds 75% and amounts to 6640.80 euros.

    If you are not a single mother and live with your partner, you must remember that the income of both of you is added together.

    Assistance at birth or adoption

    Both single women and married women can apply for this help. This intended for single-parent families, large families and mothers with a disability equal to or greater than 65%. The amount paid is 1000 euros for each child, biological or adopted, if born after November 16, 2007.

    There are certain requirements that you must meet to receive these aids.There are certain requirements that you must meet to receive these aids.

    The only requirement to obtain it, other than the one mentioned above, is that not exceed an annual income of 12,581.52 euros if there is one child and 14,298, 14 if there are two children.

    This help compatible with other aids and pensions such as maternity and multiple adoption benefits, among others.

    Maternity benefit

    It helps seeks to compensate for the loss of income of a working mother due to termination of employment in the case of biological motherhood, adoption, guardianship and trusteeship. You can claim it during your maternity leave, whether you are self-employed or an employee, and the amount you will receive will be 100% of the statutory base you have established for general contingency disability benefits.

    Must be connected to Social SecurityMust be connected to Social Security

    perceive it Must be connected to Social Security and depending on how old you are, they will ask you to enter certain days specified. For moms There is no minimum contribution period required for those under 21 years of age.. If you are between 21 and 26 years old, you must make 90 days of contributions within 7 years before giving birth. For persons over 26 years of age, it is necessary to have 180 days of contributions 7 years before the birth.

    If you do not have sufficient contributions but meet other requirements, you must request free assistance during pregnancy and childbirth, although this assistance only provides for cases where the child is biological. The benefit will be valid for 42 days and will be equivalent to 17.93 euros per day. This assistance increases by another 14 days in the case of a large family, one parent, multiple births or disability of the child or mother of at least 65%.

    Help with non-payment of alimony

    If you are a single mother, separated or divorced from your ex-partner and he is not paying child support, this is your help. The Food Payment Guarantee Fund guarantees the payment of unpaid food pensions to minors and elderly people with disabilities..

    Help depends on the autonomous community you are in.Help depends on the autonomous community you are in.

    To get this help it is necessary to file a claim in court for non-payment pensions, and also not have income above the established limits: 9582.20 euros for one child and 11182.73 euros for two children.

    The duration is approximately 18 months and the amount will be maximum 100 euros per month. This assistance is incompatible with the collection of benefits provided by other public administrations for the same purpose.

    Regional assistance

    In addition to this help provided by SEPE, you can take advantage of other help offered by autonomous communities such as helping a school canteen in Andalusia, a deduction of 303 euros from the regional tax in Asturias, a green transport card in Castile-la-Mancha, a single parent license in Catalonia and many others. To find out what help is available in your community, visit its website or visit your town hall.

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