Lories and lorikeets: very colorful birds.

These exotic birds stand out with their spectacular plumage, which means they will never go unnoticed among the rest. There are many people who have a soft spot for exotic animals and even more so if they are birds of bright colors. Having as a pet an animal that was born to live in an … Read more

Tips for breeding lovebirds

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Types of lovebirds: charming bird

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Types of seeds for poultry

Poultry’s diet is largely based on seeds, but do you know how many there are and which one is most recommended for you? A Good nutrition is essential to keeping our birds healthy. and can be reproduced without complications. To do this, it is important to know what nutrients are necessary for the metabolism of … Read more

Nymph diseases: how to treat them

Find out what the most common and dangerous diseases nymphs can suffer from and how they can be prevented and treated. Nymphs can suffer from a variety of ailments, and some of them are not always easy to detect, but if the bird usually sees a veterinarian regularly and is observed in its daily routine, … Read more