What is a camcorder and how does it work?

video camera There is an electronic device that records our movements, which can then be watched like a movie. However, when even a mirrorless or DSLR camera can take great videos these days, is a camcorder really useful? Not only that, but today’s camera phones are also capable of taking great video, so are video … Read more

What is VFX? What is VFX in Hindi?

vfx video If you love movies, you must have heard about the technology. Well, film aside, today VFX is used in everything from advertising, video games to making YouTube videos. Now the question arises: What is VFX and how is it used? VFX stands for visual effects And with this technology, things are shown on … Read more

What is a DSLR camera? What is DSLR Camera in Hindi?

DSLR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex, is a very popular type of camera used by photographers, videographers and hobbyists around the world today. This camera is an improved version of the old SLR camera that was launched in the market in 1991. DSLR cameras have interchangeable lenses and have a digital sensor for taking photos. … Read more

What is Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)?

OIS, or Optical Image Stabilization, is a technology that used to be used in high-end digital cameras or lenses, but today it is used in most camera phones. This is such a great technology that you can take very sharp photos with your smartphone even if your hand is slightly moved during the shooting. If … Read more