What is Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)?

OIS, or Optical Image Stabilization, is a technology that used to be used in high-end digital cameras or lenses, but today it is used in most camera phones.

This is such a great technology that you can take very sharp photos with your smartphone even if your hand is slightly moved during the shooting.

If you are interested in photography and looking to buy a new phone, be sure to check out this feature.

So, in today’s article we will talk about what is optical image stabilization, how does it work, what are its uses and its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)?

The Indian meaning of optical image stabilization is optical (light-related) image stabilization.

In plain language –

Optical Image Stabilization is a method of reducing the blur that appears in photos or videos due to camera movement.

You must have realized that when we take a picture with the camera phone in our hands and we don’t use any tripod, the picture gets blurred due to the hand movement and it doesn’t look good at all.

Often this problem happens more at night, because at that time the shutter of the camera remains open for a long time to let in more light, as a result of which even slight movement does not show your photo clearly.

For example, you can see this photo taken with a phone camera with and without OIS.

In this case, you can see that even slight hand movement blurs the corners of the photo when OIS is turned off.

using optical image stabilization in flower

Optical image stabilization is present in most modern smartphones, and for this, small gyroscopes and sensors are installed around its lens that capture movement (shake) and then work in the opposite direction to reduce its tendency to shake. Let’s narrow it down.

Let’s understand in detail how optical image stabilization works in a smartphone?

optical image stabilization How does it work?

Before you understand how OIS works, you need to take a look at the parts or components inside your smartphone camera.

Gyroscope Gyroscopes are small sensors that can detect even very subtle movements in any direction.

They measure camera roll and tilt.

Accelerometer – These are also a type of sensors that can immediately detect any changes in movement in any direction.

The accelerometer measures the movement of the camera.

Actuator – These are very small motors that move the lens in the opposite direction of movement.

This is how optical image stabilization works

Keep in mind that when you’re taking a photo or recording a video with your phone’s camera, any movement can cause the photo or video to blur.

If your smartphone has optical image stabilization, then the camera lens will try to keep it stable by adjusting the lens very quickly so that the photo or video doesn’t get blurry.

This is how the OIS feature works

1. The gyroscope and accelerometer provided inside the camera captures any movement.

2. A microprocessor chip then processes this data and decides what type and how much movement will occur.

3. After that, the actuator is activated, and the lens element is moved in the opposite direction of the movement by the motor, so that stability can be achieved.

This process is called image stabilization, and because it is done optically, it is called optical image stabilization.

Therefore, any photo or video taken with OIS will be very stable, resulting in a very sharp image.

Again, look at the two images above and you can see that when OIS is not turned on, the blur is clearly visible in the corners of the photo.

optical image stabilization What is the use?

Optical image stabilization is a very important feature for photography that can be used in a variety of situations.

It is used to stabilize photos and videos, but is especially good for stills.

When you need to shoot in low light or with a long exposure, OIS makes the image sharper and reduces blur.

With this function, fast running subjects such as sports, etc. can be shot while holding the camera steady.

Overall, this OIS feature is essential for mobile photography.

What are the advantages of optical image stabilization?

If your smartphone camera has OIS, you’ll get these benefits while shooting.

reduce camera movement

This is the biggest advantage of OIS, which also eliminates the blur caused by slight hand movements.

Excellent low light performance

During low light, we turn on the flash of our phone, as a result of which there is a possibility of red eye.

Also, due to the low light, there is a high probability of blurring in the photo, even with slight movement.

So, if your phone has optical image stabilization, you can get a sharp image without flash.

Excellent video stability

The advantage of optical image stabilization is that it works not only for photos, but also for videos, and with its help you can get smooth video images.

If your video is smooth, it will look professional because no one likes a shaky video.

Nice and smooth scale

Photography – We often use zoom during videography, and if your phone has optical image stabilization, it’s sure to have optical zoom.

But here, if your phone has an optical zoom, it doesn’t have to have OIS either.

So, in such phones that do not have OIS, and even if you zoom in, there is a possibility of blurring in the photo or video.

What are the disadvantages of optical image stabilization?

OIS has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages that we will talk about.

A slight delay in image processing

One of the minor downsides of OIS is that you may experience some lag in shooting.

Because the camera has to make some adjustments to implement optical image stabilization, it may take a while to take a picture, but you won’t notice it at all.

high price

Keep in mind that a phone with OIS will cost a bit more than a regular phone.

FYI, not all phones have OIS and use EIS for stabilization.

How to tell if your smartphone has OIS?

When you’re looking to buy a smartphone, you can ask the seller to see if your phone has optical image stabilization.

Second, you can find out by reading the guide provided in it.

Third, you go to this website and check it by entering your phone model.

For example, I logged into Samsung Galaxy S22 and you can see this screenshot here.

samsung s22 camera features

Here you can see that both its main and telephoto cameras feature OIS, which means that the phone’s camera can take sharp pictures.

Long last

If you are into photography, this feature of optical image stabilization in your phone will be very useful for you.

In this article, you understood what OIS is, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of this technology are many, but you also have to pay a high price for it.

You can let me know by commenting if you want to use the IS feature and whether your current camera phone has this feature.

Please share this useful information as much as possible so that others can benefit from it as well.

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