Benefits of having a cat

Taking a cat into your home will help us in many aspects of our lives, such as socialization or overall health.

This has always been talked about the positive effects it has on health Having a pet, and what they tell you is not enough, animals, in addition to affection and company, have countless qualities that help people feel better both physically and mentally. In this article, we’ll talk specifically about the health benefits of having a cat as a pet, so if you want to know everything, keep reading.

They reduce stress

Several studies have shown that having a cat as a pet brings enormous health benefits to its owners. generates vibrations with a frequency from 20 to 140 Hza frequency considered beneficial for relaxing the body and mind.

Petting a cat helps us reduce levels of a hormone that causes stress.Petting a cat helps us reduce levels of a hormone that causes stress.

Besides, Petting a cat can help us relieve stress because it reduces the level of cortisol, one of the hormones that causes stress. Likewise, being close to our pet increases the production of theta waves, which help us enter a state of relaxation and calm.

They help people with autism communicate

Although it may seem unrealistic, the therapeutic effect that cats have on people with autism is very beneficial. Although the breed and species of the animal must be taken into account, these cats have been proven to help people with autism interact with the outside world Because these animals are very independent, they have their own space and can approach them without overwhelming people, which means that the presence of this animal helps them open up a little more to the outside world.

Autistic children who have cats are happierAutistic children who have cats are happier

Similarly, it has been found that children with autism who own a cat have higher levels of oxytocin in the body, which reduces repetitive behavior in children with autism.

They are good for your heart health

The study, conducted by the University of Minnesota, involved 4,500 people, three out of five of whom had a cat as a pet. They did this for 10 years and found that people who lived with the cat have better heart health. This study concluded that people who have a cat as a pet have a less than 30% risk of heart attack.

They help people with depression

A 2011 survey of 600 people with the condition found that having this animal as a pet allowed them to cope much better with their daily lives while in the company of these felines.

Cats They help improve your mood and serve as positive entertainment. escape from the problems of everyday life. Likewise, having a daily routine, like the one a pet gives you, has been shown to help people with depression by keeping them busy and not having to be alone with nothing to do.

Watching videos of cats also evokes positive emotions.Watching videos of cats also evokes positive emotions.

Likewise, a 2015 study of 7,000 people indicated that watching videos or photos of cats made them have more positive emotionsTherefore, having this pet is considered very beneficial, especially for people who are going through a difficult emotional period.

Improves overall health

Various studies have shown that within a month of getting a cat, you can start to notice positive effects on your health. Some of the improvements included increasing the strength of these people’s immune systems, allowing them to recover more quickly from minor illnesses such as colds. Similarly, it has been proven that Children who grow up with pets develop stronger immune systems which reduces the likelihood of allergies and infections.

Physical Benefits

It has been proven that pets promote physical activity from their owners and as you already know, animals don’t take kindly to being lazy, so having an animal that only depends on you for play and exercise means you have to do it yourself.

The daily routine we have to maintain with them will force us to be more active.The daily routine we have to maintain with them will force us to be more active.

Like most domestic animals, these felines require a daily routine be able to let off steam and be calm. Playing with them and even cleaning them become physical exercises that keep us moving and therefore improve our physical health. Plus, it might be a lot more fun for us than just going to the gym and doing the same thing we always do, and it will strengthen the bond with our pet.

However, if you have any physical problems that prevent you from moving well, you should know that veterinarians recommend getting a cat because these felines do not require excessive energy expenditure, as a dog does when walking, and, nevertheless, it gives all the positive effects that scientists talk about.

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