Types of cat brushes

It is very important to keep the animal in good condition and use the appropriate products for it. We give you some recommendations so that you know which brush to use when brushing your cat.

The idea of ​​having a cat at home can be very compelling until we understand what owning an animal actually entails. And that’s what You must pay close attention to their diet, the grooming they need, cleaning the litter box, and brushing their coat.that we often go unnoticed and this is very important.

And this is what Good animal care is essential to ensure overall well-being and health., although cats are very independent and clean animals, they wash and comb themselves well without outside help. However, contact with other animals, play, air… all these are factors that cause contamination of their fur and lead to disease, dirt, matting…

You should know your cat's coat type well.You should know your cat’s coat type well.

Depending on your pet’s breed and coat type, you will have to follow a number of steps when brushing, but to do this You should be informed about all the different types of brushes and related accessories that exist. to accomplish this task since a bathroom is not enough. Below are all the tips and tricks on how to properly brush your cat:

What kind of cat do you have?

It is important to know the type and size of pet you have in your home. before buying a good hair remover because there are many models and there are special ones for small, medium and large cats. Another factor to consider is the length of your cat’s fur. because the teeth that make up each brush are different depending on the coat of the animal. It is important not to brush your small cat with a long-haired cat comb because you may injure him, and vice versa.

You have many types of brushes to choose from so you can choose the one that suits you best.You have many types of brushes to choose from so you can choose the one that suits you best.

There are many types of brushes, be it silicone bristles, steel bristles, rakes, blades or blades and many more. Its size is usually compact: from 12 x 8 cm to 18 x 10 cm at the base. The blade or blade can be between 7 and 8 cm.while the tines or spines may measure from 4 mm to 2 cm, and the handle from 15 to 20 cm.

Different Uses for a Cat Brush

Cat brushes have various uses. For example, They can be used to remove hair that falls from your pet., that is, dead hair of the lower and upper layers of his body. They can also help us reduce hair loss in an animal if we brush it regularly. Thanks to this, you will avoid your entire home, including furniture and clothes, being clogged with hair.

Another use for these brushes could be Prevent the formation of clumps and knots in your cat’s fur, something that irritates your pet’s skin and ruins its appearance. If you see that this is the case, it is recommended to buy a brush to use once or twice a week for styling for 5 to 20 minutes. You will have to determine this depending on the size of the animal..

Massaging your pet will help improve blood circulation.Massaging your pet will help improve blood circulation.

There are other brushes with a purpose Massage your pet, which will improve blood circulation and the growth of a shiny, healthy and strong coat.. Let alone how happy your cat will be if you buy him one of these massage brushes.

Finally, You can also find flea brushes here., whose function is to detect the feces of parasites such as lice and fleas, and to pull out and collect them using its nearby thin metal spikes. Once identified, antiparasitic treatment prescribed by a veterinarian or specialist will be applied. Don’t be afraid because These types of brushes can be used on short, medium and long hair.. You just need to be patient and careful not to pull or damage your pet’s skin.

What materials can I find for dagato brushes?

Apart from its use, there are many materials from which we can find a brush. One of the main materials used for its manufacture is stainless steel., with which teeth, blades or blades are made. And thanks to the resistance of this metal, the brushes do not corrode, do not lose precision and are usually more useful when we want to remove all the hair that has accumulated on the brush.

An important aspect to take into account is the price that a cat brush made from this material may have, as the blades may have rounded edges or a curved shape to adapt to your cat’s natural body shape and thus prevent injury. It’s easier for us to use it. So depending on the type of blade you have, you can find some prices or others.

There are brushes that adapt to your hand and provide a better cleaning experience.There are brushes that adapt to your hand and provide a better cleaning experience.

The body of these combs or brushes, in most cases, Made from a mixture of materials such as ABS or TPR., which, in turn, may have areas covered with anti-slip materials. However, this is not a problem: you can find ergonomic handles or special shapes that easily adapt to your hand to provide a more comfortable brushing experience not only for the animal, but also for you.

Another material the brush body is made of is silicone., since the spikes can be made from this element, which makes it more flexible, soft to the touch and most importantly economical for our pocket. Good results from using this material may vary depending on the cat’s coat, but overall they are quite good. Additionally, silicone brushes are a great option for many people because they can be dipped in water to rinse and They have no slots or blades where animal fur can be hidden or stored.

You can also add accessories to these brushes.You can also add accessories to these brushes.

Accessories for brushes

  • A handle is included on some models. place between index and ring fingers. This way, the brush can be held more securely and comfortably.
  • Hair eject button : a very useful accessory because it allows you to clean your comb very quickly and easily.
  • hair release bar : Very similar to the previous expansion. Its function is to push out hairs hidden in the teeth of the blade.

Benefits of the brush

In addition to removing dead hair and dander, preventing your pet from choking on hairballs, or improving blood circulation, it also provides shiny and soft woolHE improve your pet-owner relationship and the animal will be able to identify this moment with the time when it was a puppy and its mother was caring for it.

It is important to use brushes correctly so as not to harm your pet.It is important to use brushes correctly so as not to harm your pet.

How to use a cat brush?

Now that we have all the information we need about brush types, materials, and the different ways to use them, let’s take a look at the best ways to use them. It is very important that this is done correctly so as not to harm the animal. and ensure well-being, as well as save you from many hygienic inconveniences in your home when you see that everything is full of hair.

  1. Look for nodes

    The first step is very easy because you can easily see if your cat has knots in its fur. If so, try undoing them with your fingers to avoid awkward cleaning. If you find that you cannot untangle them, you will have to carefully cut them with blunt scissors.

  2. Avoid visiting sensitive areas

    Stay away from the cat’s weakest spots, such as the eyes, chin or whiskers. If you don’t do this, your animal may feel attacked and no longer want to perform the task.

  3. Consider the cleaning direction

    You should always brush your cat’s fur without the back of the head, or equivalently, in the natural direction of hair growth, to avoid damaging the follicles. However, if your cat has very thick fur, you can do this in sections and finally, when it is well untangled, do a general brushing.

  4. Train your cat

    The task of brushing itself can be very simple, but not as simple as letting your cat brush without any resistance. To prevent this from happening to you, you must teach him from a very early age that brushing his teeth is a fundamental part of his care. Start with short sessions so that he gradually begins to cooperate with you.

  5. However, if your cat is an adult and has never been brushed before, it is important that you do so. good choice at the moment, it is advisable to choose when you are relaxed and calm. For example, you can start by gently stroking it and then gently brushing it. The animal must become accustomed to this task so that it does not cause problems or become upset.
  6. The first place where brushing a cat’s back, as this is the location with the easiest access. Once he has mastered this task, you can give him full brushing for about 5 minutes a day, depending on his coat type.
  7. Hand hygiene The comb should always be clean. To do this, remove cat hair daily and wash it with a little soap and water. Drying is also important, don’t forget about it.

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