Diseases of birds that are detected by their feathers

Like other pets, birds require special care, especially their plumage and habitat, to ensure they have the best quality of life.

discover feather disease in birds This is as common as when you have a dog or cat as a pet and you discover that it has a disease or some kind of ailment through its fur. As well as other body parts such as beak, eyes, legs and others. This is why you should be careful if the animal at any time has any reaction or the feathers turn yellow. another kindin this case.

It is also necessary to take your veterinarian to the vet from time to time, at least once a year. pet so they can check and everything is correct. In addition, although diseases in birds can be transmitted to humans, for this reason they should not be left alone. have birds as a pet, since the infection in humans is mild and there are treatments for all types of ailments.

Feathers can tell you if something has happened to your pet.Feathers can tell you if something has happened to your pet.

For this, washing and hygiene of an animal is essential for its proper quality of life and good health. However, when cleaning the bird’s cage or area, it is recommended to wear a mask as a preventative measure to avoid any contamination or infection.

Diseases through feathers

One of the most common “diseases” of birds is false molt. In general, it is normal for an animal to shed feathers once, twice or even three times a year. This is due to the bird’s natural process of renewing its plumage to eliminate anything that is in poor condition. So far everything is right strange this is when the bird is exposed to high temperatures so that it can repeat the above process previously. This, in turn, leads to physical and psychological wear and tear on the animal, as it may develop new diseases due to changes in the natural cycle.

For to solve the problemIn this case of false molt, the cage must be immediately moved to a much cooler place and thus the temperature in the house can be adjusted. If a color change suddenly occurs in the feathers, it means that the molt was unsuccessful, because the growth of new ones suddenly stopped. I might as well because Bad diet or liver problems that require consideration by vet urgently.

Checking feathers is an ideal way to detect these diseases.Checking feathers is an ideal way to detect these diseases.

Another disease that can be detected by feathers is stingwhat happens when the bird got hurt pecking out its feathers, which in turn causes wounds, so special care should be taken in this case, since the wounds it inflicts can become infected. This disease occurs due to stress or the presence of parasites. Also you can find follicular cyst, is a congenital condition in which feathers grow inward instead of outward, which would be normal. It can be treated with surgery, but it is a disease for which there is no cure. It most often affects canaries, parrots, Carolina parrots and birds with thick plumage.

chrysanthemum disease, a disease consisting of a sudden stop in growth. This has consequences such as the animal will not be able to regulate or maintain its body temperature, so it will be susceptible to other types of diseases. pododermatitisAnother disease that can be detected through the fur of feathers is a bacterial disease that primarily affects birds of prey, causing peeling of the skin and sores on the soles of the feet.

This dangerous disease and something that is difficult to solve and detect in time, so annual inspections are more than necessary. Among the diseases of this type is Semiomavirus, a viral disease that mainly affects parrots and, unfortunately, high mortality rate. In addition, he may experience other symptoms such as appetite, depression, and red petechiae may appear when the feathers fall off.

The best way to avoid disease is to keep your environment clean.The best way to avoid disease is to keep your environment clean.

In the end Poxvirus, is another of the common plumage diseases of birds, although, more specifically, the disease does not occur entirely in the feathers, but in areas that are not covered by the feathers. The skin becomes inflamed and scabs form as a result of the mosquito bite, which can only be cured by cleaning, applying iodine and disinfectants.

Bird care

Logically, it is important to have a clean cage, fresh water and food to keep your bird comfortable. the best possibleand that in the event of his absence, there is a reserve in the house to meet basic needs. Additionally, you need to become familiar with it so that you know that it will not harm you and you will feel good and comfortable. A very effective tip is to place magazines at the bottom of the cage to make cleaning more convenient and practical.

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