Types of lovebirds: charming bird

It is important to know what kind of animal you have in your home and what characteristics it has in order to provide it with the best care.

Are you thinking about adding a new pet to your home? Have you heard of lovebirds or agapornis? They are increasingly found in Spanish homes and stand out for their colors and friendliness.

These are small birds that they like to live as a couple, which is why they are called inseparable. The name was given to them because the word “agape” in Greek means “love” and “ornis” means “bird”. The female and male spend their entire lives caring for and pampering each other., we assure you that it will be wonderful to see how much they love each other. Here are different species of Agapornis.

Its plumage is green and orange-pink.Its plumage is green and orange-pink.

Agapornis rosea

This type of pet is the most famous in our country. They measure about 15 centimeters and weigh 50 grams. Their plumage is green on the body and orange-pink on the head, and there is a white ring around the eye. These are very cheerful birds that love to play with each other and spoil each other.

The color of his tail is greenThe color of his tail is green

Agapornis Liliana

They are often confused with Fishery lovebirds, but there are characteristics that set them apart, such as the color of the tail, which is completely green, like the body. They are very attractive and obedient.

Beak color redBeak color red

Fishery Lovebird

These are small birds, reaching 14 centimeters, various shades of green can be distinguished on their body, the feathers in the neck area are yellow, and part of the head is reddish. The beak of this bird is red, which importantly attracts our attention. and makes him attractive. They have a white ring around their eyes. They are truly beautiful, friendly and affectionate birds.

Agaporny Persona

This variety is also very well known in our country. They are, as a rule, somewhat calmer than agaporni ficheri, but no less beautiful.. His eyes are dark, but they also have a white ring, which makes them very attractive. In this breed We can find two color options.

Apagonis Personata are best known in Spain.The persona of Agaponis is best known in Spain.

We can find Agapornis persona with wings and blue body in two tones, combining a white neck and a black head. Their eye stands out because, as we said, they have a white ring around it, and their beak is light pink. This bird is truly beautiful.

Another possible variety of persona is bright green in color, with fluorescent colored feathers and a bright yellow neck, black head and a very bright red nose..

They are completely green except for the face.They are completely green except for the face.

Lovebird Pullarius

These are birds with a completely red muzzle and green rest of the body, the tail is a beautiful blue color combined with black. Its weight ranges from 40 to 50 grams and its beak is light-colored..

Taranta Lovebird

This variety was discovered in Ethiopia and is still rare here in Spain. This is a fairly hardy bird, its weight can reach 75 grams and its height is 17 centimeters. Unlike other varieties of lovebirds, in which all females are the same in appearance as the males.in this bird they differ, since The female will be completely green, except for a few black wing feathers, and have a red beak. Males On the other hand, they will be completely green except for part red foreheadand the beak too.

Agapornis nigrinenis

Their name comes from the color black on cheeks. Here in Spain they are hard to find. The head is usually dark brown, combined with black cheeks. The neck is orange, and the body, like most of these birds, is green with bluish tones.. They are smaller in size than tarantas, reaching a maximum of 13.5 centimeters.

The tail is blue with purple hues.The tail is blue with purple hues.

Agapornis Swidernianus

These are very beautiful birds, but those who are difficult to see in freedom. They are distinguished by a black collar on the plumage at neck height. They are green with a red line on the sides of the body, and the tail is blue-purple. This species is difficult to breed in captivity; they are more reclusive animals.

They are small and difficult to distinguishThey are small and difficult to distinguish

Kana Lovebird

This is one of the smallest lovebird species, weighing only 36 grams and 13 centimeters. They are difficult to differentiate. Half of the body, starting from the head, is white, and the other half is green.

As you have read, there are many species of Agapornis, but we assure you that They are all wonderful. Remember, these are pets that need to be accompanied, so you will have to provide them with a cage that has enough room for them to stretch out and fit them both. More and more people are deciding to have one of these animals as a pet and are even managing to raise one from an early age.but remember that like any living creature, we must be responsible and if we have a pet, we must provide it with all the comforts and needs so that it lives in optimal conditions.

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