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Made from wood, fabric, glass… Nowadays you can find many models on the market, but each of them has its own characteristic cleaning method.

One of the biggest debates when decorating or redecorating a home is the choice between using curtains and blinds. The latter are being used more and more since they became fashionable in interior decoration a few years ago, not only because you can find a variety of designs and finishes, but also because they are less bulky, more static and easier to maintain. Yes indeed Depending on whether they are roller, folding or slatted blinds, they will have to be cleaned in one way or another., since each of these mechanisms uses different materials with their own characteristics. If you want to know how to clean each type of blinds, below we’ll show you the best way to keep them looking as pristine as day one.

Depending on the type of blinds, they are cleaned in one way or another.Depending on the type of blinds, they are cleaned in one way or another.

folding blinds

This fabric option is usually the most commonly used, especially in spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms, as the pleats provide a very aesthetically pleasing appearance and are easy to clean. Among the fabrics used, the most common are gauze and curtains, materials that can be put in the washing machine for more efficient and comfortable cleaning.. The only thing you will have to do is dismantle them from the folding system and remove the rods located inside. The most common thing is that they can be easily removed, although there are some blinds that need to be unraveled to remove them. Of course, when placing them in the washing machine, you must follow the washing instructions on the blind label or on the original packaging. It is usually specified that the program used is designed specifically for delicate garments and that the maximum temperature never exceeds 30°C, and that bleach is never used or dry cleaned. Once you take them out of the washing machine, it’s best to lay them out flat so they dry without wrinkles, although if you have to iron them, nothing will happen as long as the temperature stays below 100°C. Once the fabric is completely dry, all you have to do is put the rods back in and reinstall the mechanism that folds them.

Roller blinds accumulate the most dust.Roller blinds accumulate the most dust.

Roller blinds

Most of these blinds are made from printed, translucent or opaque fabrics that completely prevent light from passing through. They are all also impregnated with resin to prevent static electricity and dust from accumulating on them or wrinkling when rolled up. The exception is products made from canvas or natural fabrics that accumulate dust. However, it can be easily removed by vacuuming thoroughly and without dismantling the blinds. If there are stains, do not put them in the washing machine, but if it is a local area, you should gently wipe them with a slightly damp cloth or sponge, never with too much water. If the stain is too large, you will have to take the curtain apart and stretch it completely on a smooth surface to make the stain easier to clean. If water is not enough to remove dirt, you can use a few drops of neutral soap, but never use chemicals to prevent them from discoloring the fabric. and create a stain that can no longer be removed. Finally, let them dry for 15 to 20 minutes before hanging them again to prevent moisture from building up. Since roller blinds are one of the most difficult to care for and clean, it is recommended to place them in areas where they will not get very dirty, such as living rooms or offices.

Screen blinds

The screen is a carbon or fiberglass fabric with micro-perforations, so it is not recommended to wash it in a washing machine. However, these materials are composed of interwoven fibers, which makes them very resistant to breakage and remains in perfect condition for longer. For this reason, they are usually best placed in the kitchen or bathroom, where they may be more exposed to possible contamination. This material is also designed not to accumulate dust, so it has antibacterial properties, preventing mites. To clean large stains, the screen curtain must be disassembled and stretched on a smooth surface, then wipe the area soft cloth or sponge lightly dampened with a mixture of soap and water. If the stain is small, the blinds can be cleaned in an extended state without disassembling them. If the stain does not come off with soapy water, you can use a highly diluted degreaser to scrub the area. Of course, when handling and cleaning this type of blinds You need to be very careful not to bend the material.because the fibers that make it up are very thin and can break.

Wooden blinds require different types of cleaning.Wooden blinds require different types of cleaning.

Venetian curtains

Blinds of this type consist of slats made of wood or aluminum. In both models, it is recommended to remove excess dust with a damp cloth or rag, cleaning strip by strip. However, if they become stained, you will have to use one method or another to clean them. Wooden blinds should be cleaned with a special product, but not a regular wood cleaner to avoid damage to the slats. However, never apply the cleaner directly to the curtain, but rather to the fabric and then wipe down each slate. The process of cleaning aluminum blinds is much simpler than wooden ones, since it will be enough use a little water to scrub the stain and a few drops of soap. if it is not easy to remove. Finally, wipe with a cloth to ensure each plank is completely dry, thereby avoiding any small drops of water that could cause stains.

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