What is the ideal refrigerator and freezer temperature?

It is important to keep your refrigerator and freezer at the appropriate temperature. This way, you will save on your energy bills and your food will be preserved properly.

To ensure that your refrigerator operates correctly so that it preserves food properly and does not consume a lot of electricity, It is very important that our devices have an optimal temperature.. Many people don’t know what the temperature is or how to regulate it in their refrigerator, which means we sometimes overdo it, which results in a higher bill at the end of the month than necessary.

That is why in this article we will talk about what is the optimal temperature of a refrigerator and a refrigerator and what is the optimal temperature of a refrigerator and a refrigerator. a few tricks to help keep food cold without having to increase the power of our device. If this is what you are looking for, continue reading this article to find out everything.

Ideal refrigerator and freezer temperatures

The recommended refrigerator temperature is 4 degrees Celsius., both for combination refrigerators with freezers and combination refrigerators without freezers. Depending on how full or empty it is, we can change the temperature by making it fluctuate from 2 to 8 degrees.

The ideal temperature for the refrigerator is 4 degrees.The ideal temperature for the refrigerator is 4 degrees.

Some refrigerators have the ability to reduce the temperature in the refrigerator to a minimum until the food is cold, and then return to the specified temperature. This is very effective and can help us keep food in good condition for longer, but it is true that appliances with such features they are more expensive.

On the other side, The ideal freezer temperature is -18 degrees.. Although many freezers can store meat and fish even at -24°C, experts warn that at temperatures around -18°C the cold can kill bacteria and keep food in good condition.

However, both in the refrigerator and in the refrigerator, one must remember that the lower we set the temperature these devices the more electricity it will consumeand therefore more money we will spend on the next bill.

You should check what type of mechanism your device uses to regulate temperature.You should check what type of mechanism your device uses to regulate temperature.

How to regulate temperature

Depending on the refrigerator model, the temperature control mechanism is different; there are basically two universal models:

  • On a wheel or roulette: This is the oldest system of all. You can find this tape measure inside your refrigerator and freezer, and it usually adjusts from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. It is advisable that you always let’s split the tape measure in halfexcept in summer or when the refrigerator is very full, in which case we can reduce it almost to a minimum.
  • For display: Most modern refrigerators are already equipped with this mechanism. This system is based on a touch screen with which you can finely adjust the degrees What do you want in your fridge and refrigerator?
  • Tips for Maintaining the Ideal Refrigerator Temperature

    The most important and most common mistake we make is Leaving the refrigerator door open for very long periods of time.. It is preferable to close it and open it several times, since the cold will go away and adjusting the device will be more expensive.

    You should never leave the refrigerator door open; it is best to open and close it several times.You should never leave the refrigerator door open; it is best to open and close it several times.

    Another tip: do not put hot food in the refrigeratorThis will cause the internal temperature of the refrigerator to increase, so it is better to let the outside of the appliance cool down and when it reaches room temperature, place it in the refrigerator.

    Few people know that In order for cold air to circulate better in the refrigerator, it is better not to accumulate food in a pile.. It is preferable for each of them to be placed so that there is enough space on the sides and top, however, if you cannot fit all the food, it is better to create only one layer rather than stacking everything on one side.

    As a final piece of advice we should know how to properly arrange products on the appropriate shelves and drawers. Some people don’t know that every food has its own place in the refrigerator, but the truth is that if we do this, we can store food more correctly:

    You have to learn how to organize your food to make the most of the space.You have to learn how to organize your food to make the most of the space.
  • Top tray: This The coldest area of ​​the refrigerator will be where anything related to milk and cream will be stored. for example, yoghurts or desserts and sweets. Likewise, we can also place fish and smoked meats in this area, since these are foods that do not require much refrigeration to remain in good condition.
  • Central tray: In the central part we must place cheeses.
  • Bottom tray: This coldest zone of the refrigerator. Here we will place preserves, jams, food utensils from other days and in general any food that quickly spoils.
  • V door: Here we have to put oil, sauces and seasonings, eggs and other soft drinks, juices and milk.
  • In boxes: fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. These drawers retain a lot of cold, so the most perishable foods such as lettuce, tomatoes, red meat, etc. should be stored here and not on the shelves.
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