Types of seeds for poultry

Poultry’s diet is largely based on seeds, but do you know how many there are and which one is most recommended for you?

A Good nutrition is essential to keeping our birds healthy. and can be reproduced without complications. To do this, it is important to know what nutrients are necessary for the metabolism of each of our pets. Seeds play a fundamental role in our birds’ diets, so we need to know them because, just like our best friends, they are not all the same. In today’s article, we are going to give you all the keys to become an expert in this field.

Why are bird seeds important?

Most birds bred in captivity are partially or completely granivorous. It means that Their diet is based primarily on seeds., both dry and meaty, which can be obtained from herbaceous and/or woody vegetables. Poultry seeds are a natural source of various nutrients, especially carbohydrates, fats and plant proteins. It’s because of this They provide the energy necessary for the proper development of your metabolism. and help strengthen your immune system.

The bird's diet is mainly based on seeds.The bird’s diet is mainly based on seeds.

However, although seeds are the mainstay of our birds’ diet, they need to be supplemented with other foods such as vegetables and nuts, which can be found already mixed in the form of pre-prepared foods sold in specialty stores, depending on the species and age of the animal, and which form the basis of a balanced diet. diet. On the other hand, although these mixtures are very successful, experts recommend to our birds the benefits of eating fresh (albeit dried) fruits and vegetables, always taking into account their needs, since feeding a canary is not the same as feeding a canary. parrot. That’s why it’s important to know a little more What types of seeds exist and which ones are recommended for our birds.

Types of Bird Seeds

  • millet seeds
  • This is a type of round shaped seed. Millet is the basis of the diet of parrots and lovebirds.However, large parrots are not very friendly with seeds of this type and tend to ignore and despise them, with the exception of eclectus. If birds are in the breeding season, it is better to opt for paniso, as it is whiter and will be easier for small chicks to digest.

    Hemp seeds are a favorite of canariesHemp seeds are a favorite of canaries

  • Canary seed
  • These are oval and pointed seeds, with a very characteristic bright yellow color. Canary seed is commonly consumed by the same bird species that rely on millet as a staple of their daily diet. In addition to being used as food, birds take advantage of the opportunity to have fun with these seedswhile playing with them. These seeds have a high starch content and virtually no fat, so it is recommended to mix them with other types of seeds that have a higher fat content.

  • sunflower seeds
  • It is a type of oval shaped seed with a flattened appearance. They can be found in different colors: solid white, solid black or white with black stripes. Unlike previous ones, this those that parrots and granivores prefer, the first are white, and the second are the smallest and striped. In general, most birds enjoy these seeds, but they should not be the only food in their diet. It is important to choose them in a fairly large size as some birds won’t even bother to open the smaller ones and a lot of food will be wasted if we don’t buy them in the size our birds like. It is also necessary to remember that salted seeds for human consumption are not suitable for our pets, so they must be purchased at a veterinary clinic or a specialized pet store.

    Sunflower seeds are generally enjoyed by all types of birds.Sunflower seeds are generally enjoyed by all types of birds.

  • hemp seeds
  • This is a type of seed that can come in a variety of colors, however the best is the one that maintains a color between gray and copper with a slight hint of green. The grains, in turn, are white and have a taste similar to walnuts, so they are essential in the diet of canaries, of which they are a favorite. Hemp seeds are rich in vitamin E and oils., and especially they are involved in the reproduction of birds, so to improve reproduction it is advisable to give our birds a small spoon every day. There are seeds that can be very hard, so it is recommended to crush them to make them easier for birds to swallow.

  • flax-seed
  • This is a type of seed that is flattened in shape and dark in color. In small doses it is an excellent ally improve the digestion of our pets, although its main advantage is that it adds shine to feathers. In this regard, it is recommended to increase its intake in the diet during the molting period to facilitate the process.

    Supplement your bird's diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.Supplement your bird’s diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • poppy seeds
  • This is a very small type of seed, kidney-shaped, bluish-gray in color, although there are also white ones that become cream-colored seeds. The latter is preferred by most birds, especially small granivores. Although our pets really like it, We should not allow them to consume them in large quantities.because they promote fluid retention and the stool will be less healthy and more liquid.

  • oat seeds
  • This is a type of seed that can be purchased in packets of whole or crushed seeds and is yellow in color. Since they can be purchased prepared in two ways, they can also be offered to our birds in two ways: soaked or dried. Like hemp seeds Oat seeds are a food particularly suitable for canary breeding., as it is an easily digestible seed that dissolves very easily. In short, oats help the bird’s metabolism function properly.

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