How much does it cost to have a bird as a pet?

Although birds do not usually require periodic visits to the veterinarian, the cost of consultations can be quite high due to their status as exotic animals.

If you’re considering getting a bird as a pet, you’ll have to think ahead before you take the final step. a few preliminary questions. While the costs associated with caring for and maintaining a bird do not have to be prohibitive, it is best that you consider if you can afford it not only financiallybut also in terms of time or dedication.

Like any other species of animal, the addition of a new member to the home involves adaptation and familiarization process for all. Each animal is unique and needs its own attention, and if you are specifically thinking about getting a bird, you will have to evaluate more important issues such as the type of bird, the basic care it needs, or the most conducive environment. .so that he lives in good conditions. Therefore, below we offer you rough estimate of the money you will have to invest on your new bird.

What kind of bird will you have?

As with dogs and cats, you will have to think about some preliminary questions such as the condition of your home and whether you have enough space for the cell. But you also need to have two key factors. The first one is the other people you live with, as sometimes the birds can be annoying with their songs and you will have to find out if they are open to the arrival of a new pet. In second place, Consider whether you have other pets and whether their coexistence is compatible..

There should be enough space at home to accommodate the cage.There should be enough space at home to accommodate the cage.

On the other hand, you should know that not all birds are the same, so you must make a choice in favor of a certain type of bird. Therefore, the price can vary significantly: from 10-15 euros, which a parrot usually costs, to 35-50 euros for a lovebird, or even exceed 1000 euros in cases where the animal is larger, as is the case with macaws or peacocks. , among the others. Nevertheless, You can always consider adoption as an option.which, in addition to being more economical, allows you to contribute to a good cause, although it is true that in the case of birds this is more unusual.

Feed and hygiene costs for your birds

As with all types of animals, the issue of food is very important. determined by the animal’s age, gender and size, among many other factors. What is common to all species of the avian world is that the diet should be as varied as possible. Therefore the best thing to do is food combination mainly between seeds and grains, but also with nuts, vegetables and fruits to ensure the animal gets all the nutrients it needs.

head feed Those that can be found in any specialty store are ideal, but they must be of minimal quality. Additionally, you will have to combine it with the other products mentioned above. So the cost of feeding small poultry It could be around 20 euros.although it all depends on the quantity and quality you decide to buy, as well as the size of the doses your bird consumes.

The type of food you give your bird is important.The type of food you give your bird is important.

On the other hand, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the cage birds, as well as the hygiene of the animal itself. To prevent the development of infections or parasitic problems, it is very important to monitor the good condition of the cell as well as the animal’s skin. To prevent ticks from attacking your pet, a good option is buy acaricide spraythe cost of which usually does not exceed 10 euros.

Costs for your bird’s health

It’s true that birds They usually do not require excessive medical care.. In fact, it is normal that they do not need to see a vet unless they develop a serious illness or injury. You should keep in mind that you need to maintain deworming to prevent diseases such as nematodes. You can choose an oral solution that is easier to take and does not cost much: approximately 8 euros.

And it’s also fitting that you count on The price of a consultation at a veterinary center is somewhat expensive., since birds are considered exotic animals. So, while consultation prices vary depending on each center, please understand that prices are approx. 30 eurosand that if you need additional tests or special treatment, the number may increase significantly.

Birds should be treated by a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals.Birds should be treated by a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals.

Cost of accessories for your bird

First of all, it is important that you receive cell in which a bird can live. Make sure the measurements match the size of the animal. Prices may vary depending on quality and sizes. designs, but, according to estimates, you can spend an average of 25-50 euros on a medium-sized cage. If your bird is a parrot or something similar, then it can exceed 80 euros.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that birds by nature are very curious and active animals, so different individuals should be placed inside the cage. accessories. You can find toys and other hobby items of all types and prices, so Costs will depend on what you want to invest. on your pet. But what is a good purchase is bath, as it is a good alternative for the animal to cool down when it is hot or wants to clean itself more thoroughly. The price is quite affordable, as it usually does not exceed 7 euros. And, of course, in this section you should include expenses for drinking bowl and feederwhich will not exceed 10 euros.

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