Learn how to disable WhatsApp channel update, step by step

In this article, we have told you how to turn off WhatsApp channel updates. Recently there was an update in WhatsApp, after which Updates option came instead of Status and many WhatsApp channels also started appearing. Many WhatsApp users are disappointed with this update and want to use old WhatsApp only. If you also want to uninstall this update, this article may be useful for you.

WhatsApp channel is a new feature that allows many celebrities, celebrities or any brand to share messages, photos, videos, stickers and requests. It can be a way to connect with famous people, sports teams, etc. Currently, not every WhatsApp user can create a channel, only celebrities or verified WhatsApp business accounts can create a channel.

This feature helps channel creators and companies to better connect with their users, followers and customers. They can use WhatsApp channel to share important information with their followers. Secondly, if you are a fan of any celebrity, athlete or celebrity, you can follow their channel and get the latest updates related to them on WhatsApp itself.

Learn how to disable WhatsApp channel update, step by step

How to turn off WhatsApp channel updates

You can turn off channel updates on WhatsApp by following these steps:

  1. First of all, take a backup of your WhatsApp chats.
    1. Go to WhatsApp settings to get a backup
    2. Click the Chat option and then click the Chat Backup button
    3. Now click on Backup again, wait for the backup to complete, if you want to backup the video apart from the chat, turn on the toggle next to Add Videos below.
  2. Click on the given link to complete the backup – WhatsApp Old Version
  3. You will land on a new page, download the old version of WhatsApp by clicking on the Download option given there.
  4. Now click on the downloaded file to install
  5. After installation, open the app and confirm by entering your mobile number, except allow all permissions.
  6. Now click on the Restore button below to restore the backup and wait for a while.
  7. The Updates option will be removed from WhatsApp and the Status option will appear as before.

In this way, you can remove the WhatsApp channel update and revert to the old WhatsApp.

We recommend that you continue to use WhatsApp with the latest updates, as using an older version can sometimes cause problems. Also, for security reasons, we should only use the latest version of any app.

In this article, we learned how to disable WhatsApp channel updates. I hope this article was useful for you. If you have any question related to this article, please ask in the comment box below.

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