How to care for the coat of an Afghan Hound

To maintain the aesthetics of these dogs’ coats, it is recommended to brush them at least three times a week and bathe them once a month.

If there is one characteristic that makes the Afghan Hound unique, it is its coat. While keeping it in top condition may seem like a difficult task, it really doesn’t have to be that difficult if you know how to do it. the most recommended techniques and methods for caring for the coat of an Afghan hound. So if you want to use your pet’s hair and still give it the best care, we’ll find it for you today at Bekia.

What kind of coat does an Afghan Hound have?

Before diving into grooming methods, it’s worth knowing what type of coat this dog breed has and how to care for it. The Afghan Hound’s coat is long, silky and milky in color, as well as abundant.. Likewise, these dogs can have coats of any color, and patterns with spots are not acceptable for recognition within the breed. The most common ones are those that have a reddish, cream or black tone.

Something special about Afghan Hounds is their beautiful coat. Something special about Afghan Hounds is their beautiful coat.

However, basic care is the same for all specimens and, according to experts, It is advisable to clean them at least three times a week.. In this way, knots in the animal’s coat can be avoided and at the same time stubborn dirt and excess can be removed. It is also recommended to bathe them at least once a month with a special shampoo for long-haired dogs, which provides the necessary softness and shine.

How to bathe and brush an Afghan Hound

To keep your Afghan Hound’s coat completely clean, it must be fully bathed. It will not be enough if you clean only part of the hair, because it was dyed in this particular place, since the volume of the hair and its silkiness will be difficult to keep the same as the rest. So, to give good treatment, Always start by applying water from top to bottom., soaking curl after curl. Start with the back and sides, continue with the legs and end with the genital areas and head, paying special attention here. Remove hair from face and gently apply water.

These dogs require a special shampoo for their coat.These dogs require a special shampoo for their coat.

Then it’s time Apply the first coat of shampoo to remove dirt from your dog’s coat. Take the shampoo with your hands and start applying it generally, paying special attention to the genitals, anus and paws. At this point, you should also check to see if there are any knots in the greyhound’s coat, and if there are any, it is best to untie them with your fingers to avoid breaking the coat and injuring the dog. If this is not possible, use a brush.

Then do the first rinse with the hose, always from top to bottom, taking care to remove all the soap from your pet’s body. Then it’s time to apply a second layer of shampoo. This time the foam should turn white as evidence that there is less dirt and as an indicator that your pet’s coat will be shiny. So, massage your entire body with your fingertips, always from top to bottom. Once completed, rinse with water following the same direction until no more foam comes out of the Afghan Hound’s coat.

The coat of these dogs must be thoroughly dried to prevent knots from forming.The coat of these dogs must be thoroughly dried to prevent knots from forming.

After this, the animal is dried. You can cover with a towel to catch excess water for two minutes. After this time, it’s time to use the dryer and brush. For this step you should use A brush with rounded tips, ideal for untangling knots.. First start with areas where the greyhound’s coat is shorter, such as the neck and legs, but this time in an upward direction, brushing the lower areas first. It involves drying your hair at the same time as straightening it with a brush in ascending order. Ideally, finish with the ribs and lower back because that’s where the most hair accumulates.

Finally, work on the hair on the head and face, maintaining the necessary distance so as not to harm the animal, and being careful not to insert the brush into its eyes or hit it directly with the hairdryer. Remember that one stroke of the brush will not be enough, since It is necessary to repeat combing each strand until it is completely dry. and the desired shape. Otherwise, it will remain wet and knots may form using the brush.

The coat of these dogs must be washed at least 3 times a week.The coat of these dogs must be washed at least 3 times a week.

Basic tips for caring for your Afghan Hound’s coat

  • You must be careful do not bathe the animal often to avoid damaging the shine and durability of wool due to high drying temperatures. Ideally, do this once a month, although to keep your hair in good condition, it is best to brush it at least three times a week. The procedure will be the same as for drying, only without a dryer and with fewer passes.
  • Ideally, take your Afghan Hound to a groomer for a grooming to get the most out of it, but if its coat becomes uneven after a bath, you can even out unbalanced areas with precision scissors.
  • He shampoo What should you use for maximum grooming for your Afghan Hound? must contain conditioner and it should be special for long-haired dogs. This will keep your hair shiny and make it easier to untangle knots. It is also preferable that this be without smell so that the animal does not feel discomfort.
  • It is convenient to know that brushes come in different types. To detangle and perform the first passes, it is necessary to use brushes with balls on the tips, as mentioned above, and for subsequent passes it is advisable to use brushes with metal tips for backcombing and adding volumewhich are called oil brushes, with bristles that can be long or medium in size.
  • Food is the key to maintaining your pet’s coat. To maintain its shine, it is advisable to provide it with a diet rich in omega-3. with healthy fish fats. You can also feed salmon food, which is not only rich in protein but also reduces the stiffness of both hair and skin.

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