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Unemployment brings with it various types of assistance, and here are some tips for getting them.

Subsidies are help. Those who are unemployed and registered as an applicant, or whose income is less than 75% of the Spanish minimum income, can apply. This type of assistance does not take unemployment into account since all people are entitled to this assistance, regardless of their situation, provided they have contributed for at least one year.

Each type of subsidy has certain conditions.but in most cases they are usually the same, they are just designed for different types of people. Next we will talk a little about the different types of unemployment assistance that exist and what the requirements are to claim them.

It's important to know how to apply for helpIt’s important to know how to apply for help

How to apply for unemployment benefits?

In 2020, the economic amount received with subsidies This is 430.27 euros. monthly, their duration varies from case to case, but is usually determined by the time of continuous operation. These benefits are regulated by the General Social Security Act, which guarantees them and ensures stability.

They always help are requested from the State Public Employment Service, making an appointment at their offices. To request this assistance, you must fill out an official form, and one of the requirements for receiving this assistance is to register as a job seeker, that is, to register under the unemployment program.

There are different types of help depending on the individual circumstances of the plaintiff (contribution, age, family responsibilities, etc.), below we describe the different types of subsidies you can claim.

Some assistance is charged based on the length of time contributions were made.Some assistance is charged based on the length of time contributions were made.

Subsidy for insufficient contributions

This assistance is a subsidy 430 euros per month which is calculated based on the time of making contributions and whether the unemployed person has family responsibilities, that is, children under 26 years of age. This assistance is also commonly referred to as “job loss benefit” or “underpayment benefit” because it works in two different ways.

On the one hand, workers who are unemployed and have contributed for at least 3 months if they have children, and on the other hand, people who do not have children can request this, provided they have contributed for at least 6 months.. This assistance is often requested by people who have no contributions for 360 days because they cannot claim normal unemployment.

One thing to consider before requesting this assistance is that the accumulated contributions are used to collect this assistance. which means the quote counter is reset to zeroTherefore, we must consider whether it is better for us to collect this subsidy by consuming contributions, or whether it is better to wait until we have 360 ​​days of accumulated contributions.

Family assistance will be for those people who have childrenFamily assistance will be for those people who have children

Familiar help

This is technically called the “Family Responsibility Exhaustion Grant” but is commonly referred to as Family Assistance. This help only for those who have children, they don’t have enough income and have just exhausted unemployment but can’t find a job yet. It usually lasts 18 months, but we can extend it up to 30 depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

Subsidy for people over 45 years of age.

The maximum duration of this subsidy is 6 months and It is often confused with RAI, but they are not the same thing.. This assistance is intended for those people who have exhausted unemployment insurance (unemployment) benefits, have no income, are age 45 or older, and do not have family responsibilities because if they had them, they would have applied for a family assistance subsidy.

The amount is the same, 430 euros, but this assistance can also be requested. people who do not earn more than 75% of the minimum interprofessional salary in 2020that is, without entering more than 675 euros per month.

Some subsidies have a deadlineSome subsidies have a deadline

Subsidies for people over 52 years of age

This assistance is sent to people over 52 with sufficient contributions for retirement, that is, with a contribution period of at least 15 years, they must also have a contribution period of 6 years due to unemployment and lack of income. If the requirements are met, this €430 per month subsidy will be available until they reach retirement age or until they find a new job.

Subsidy for returning emigrants

This help is intended for employees with Spanish nationality working abroadbut they decide to return to Spain.

The conditions to request this assistance are as follows:

  • As a Spanish expatriate worker, he returned from countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area, Australia or Switzerland.
  • Have worked abroad for at least 12 months within the last six years since you last left Spain.
  • Not eligible for unemployment.
  • Register as a job seeker.
  • No income or income not exceeding 675 euros per month.
  • Sign the activity commitment.
Some assistance requires that you not qualify for unemployment.Some assistance requires that you not qualify for unemployment.

Subsidy for those released from prison

This help is intended for people who They are released from prison after being there for more than six months.. To be eligible, they must not be eligible for unemployment, have not rejected offers of suitable employment and be registered as job seekers.

Subsidy upon recognition of disability

This help is intended for those people who They had a disability pension, but since they got better, they took it away.. The conditions for their request are the same as for the rest: you must be registered as a job seeker for at least one month, not eligible for unemployment and your income is less than 675 euros per month.

Subsidies and low rents

This subsidy is intended for rural workers in Andalusia and Extremadura.

Some subsidies depend largely on the working conditions of workers.Some subsidies depend largely on the working conditions of workers.

This assistance is divided into two types depending on the worker’s condition:

  • Unfavorable rent: This is special assistance for temporary agricultural workers who are unemployed or unable to receive agricultural subsidies, or have a permanent but intermittent contract.
  • agricultural subsidy: This is unemployment assistance intended for workers associated with a special agricultural social security regime. The cost is 430 euros per month and lasts 6 months. It can be applied for by temporary workers in rural areas of Andalusia and Extremadura who can prove a minimum number of hours worked in the previous year, currently 35.

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