How to feed an older cat

Essential minerals are very good for joints that deteriorate with age.

A young cat’s diet is very different from an older cat’s because nutritional needs begin to change as the pet gets older. And your cat will spend a little less than half its life in old age, so It is important that you offer him a balanced, quality diet to keep him in good shape.what can be achieved with essential nutrients and easily digestible proteins.

We will know our senior cat is eating properly when carbohydrates and fats are controlled for energy or when high quality concentrated proteins are provided. Except, Essential minerals are very good for joints that deteriorate with age. and proteins and vitamins help the immune system.

How to feed an older cat

As our pet grows, it is recommended replace food with foods with a specific recipe for this type of cat rather than providing regular adult cat products unless otherwise advised by a veterinarian or specialist as their opinion matters and it is always a good option for you to consult with them if you have any questions. . .

It is important to follow certain guidelines when feeding older cats.It is important to follow certain guidelines when feeding older cats.

Specialized foods for older cats provide them with high-quality proteins, not to mention that many of these products contain vitamin E., which is useful for strengthening your cat’s natural defenses. Additionally, these foods are lower in calories, helping your pet maintain an appropriate weight as they age and age, which will also make them healthier. enjoy your food without compromising your well-being due to excess weight.

On the other hand, it is true that a feline’s ability to chew and sense of taste and smell can decline as they get older, so they will enjoy eating more if you give them soft and tiny pieces of food, especially if you the pet has lost several teeth. Except, The meat will improve the taste and smell of the dish, making it more appetizing.

There are special foods for older cats that you should be aware of.There are special foods for older cats that you should be aware of.

But, like any process in life, Changing your cat’s diet takes time and should not be taken lightly as the animal must get used to it.. You can start giving them these new foods at the same time as their regular food, gradually increasing the ratio over the course of a week until it is time to give them only the new food. If your cat refuses a new food, you can talk to your veterinarian about it. if it’s a medical problem or provide you with information about other alternative products.

Tips for feeding an older cat

It’s important to remember that if you repeatedly feed an older cat large amounts of food, he may feel pressured and overwhelmed. It’s best to give him small meals and an occasional cat-friendly treat.if possible and there is no disease.

  • The food must be served at room temperature so that the animal can properly smell and taste it.. If it is wet food, such as containers or cans, that needs to be consumed within a maximum of 24 hours, remove it from the refrigerator a couple of hours before giving it to your older cat. You can also reheat them in the microwave, but without wasting time because food should be at room temperature, not hot.
  • On the other hand, if you are going to give your cat dry food, it is best to store it in a dry and clean area. And that’s what It is recommended to use airtight containers as they retain aroma and flavor. so that they do not lose their freshness.
  • Use a clean dish or container to feed your pet. Remember that they don’t have to be deep because many wasters hate having their whiskers rub against the edge of the container.. Eye! Don’t let wet food leak out of the container because these animals know when it’s not fresh enough.
  • Always stick to a fixed time and place to feed them. Choose a quiet place where there is not much noise and where you can eat at your leisure and in a relaxed atmosphere. Never place containers near a water bowl or sandbox. However, If you have more than one cat, make sure their dishes are kept far enough away to prevent them from fighting.since small cats often steal food from older cats and this causes quarrels.
  • Regarding quantity, the best advice is to follow the instructions that appear on the back of the packagealthough you should always remember that they are indicative and that not all cats eat the same, the main thing is that they are happy with what they eat and are in good health.
  • Your senior cat will need to drink plenty of clean, fresh water, and if he drinks it from a ceramic or metal container, so much the better. Except, If you have a garden, don’t hesitate to place the container outside because many cats love to spend time outdoors.. And drinking plenty of water will prevent your cat from becoming dehydrated and having urinary tract problems.
Water is essential in the diet of cats, especially older cats.Water is essential in the diet of cats, especially older cats.

Finally, spending time with your pet every day is it is very important to establish closer relationships, but also to help her not get bored. And it is in this state that cats eat the most, when they have no one to play with, run, jump with, and they resort to compulsive eating. This will also encourage her to get the exercise she needs for good health. It is recommended to walk your cat in good weather and use a harness to stimulate his senses and get fresh air..

Beware of Your Older Cat’s Weight Loss

What may happen to your older cat is that he or she becomes thinner over the years because his old age affects his senses and health. Because of this, the sense of smell and taste deteriorates, so appetite decreases. Except, Changes in the digestive system and metabolism affect the absorption and processing of food.which can also lead to weight loss.

If you see that your pet you change your eating habits and is losing weight or exhibiting other symptoms that seem strange to you, do not hesitate to contact a specialist or veterinarian so that they can tell you if they have any health problems and give you a solution.

If you see your pet losing weight, pay close attention.If you see your pet losing weight, pay close attention.

On your part, you can help your pet make his food more appetizing by changing its texture or adding food that smells good or has a strong taste, such as tuna. Although, If you are considering changing your cat’s diet, consult your veterinarian first..

Beware of obesity in your older cat

On the other hand, cats in general are animals that tend to gain weight quickly in a short period of time. For this reason, you should be aware that the health of these pets is at greater risk than the health of those who are not overweight because They have fewer years to live due to the diseases they may develop.. To prevent this from happening and to keep our cat in good physical shape, it is vital to adapt her diet to her nutritional needs.

The smartest thing to do is to provide the necessary nutrients, but not exceed the recommended amounts.. You can also provide minerals and vitamin supplements that can be purchased from specialty pet stores, both physical and online. If we see that this is not working, it is best to put the cat on a diet so that it returns to its ideal weight and is in good health.

You must provide it with the necessary nutrients.You must provide it with the necessary nutrients.

And this is what Problems that can arise due to excess weight are hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease or other cardiovascular problems.. The most important thing is that the owner acts as quickly as possible and tries to return his cat to the proper weight as soon as possible in order to prevent her from getting sick.

How can we stop him from returning to his weight?

For example, when placing food on a plate, you must make sure that only be there as long as there is food, not always with a full plate. This will be a difficult process for the animal, but gradually it will get used to eating food only at the appropriate times, that is, 3 or 4 portions spread out throughout the day. Most overweight cat owners feed their pets a buffet all day long, making them addicted to food.

Tips that may be helpful for your overweight cat to lose weight: Before giving food, put it in water for a while so that the food absorbs the water and saturates the cat better.. This way, your pet will need less fluid and you will help him stay more hydrated. The main thing is to provide enough calories.

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