How to teach a parrot to talk

If you have a parrot, you’re probably wondering how to teach it to talk, here are some tips.

If you have ever owned a parrot, or have owned one and met others, you have already realized that everyone has their own character. Like people and other animals, no parrot is alike, and this is determined not by its breed or coloring, but by its personality. The age and background of an animal can affect its attitude towards you and other people and, of course, its ability to speak. Although there are breeds that are more prone to talking than others (such as the African gray or blue-fronted parrot), Everyone is capable of learning, but there may be those who do not want to do so..

All parrots can learn to speakAll parrots can learn to speak

In this article we are going to give you some recommendations and advice to teach your friend to speak, so keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know.

Become his friend

The first step in teaching a parrot to talk is to establish contact with himwithout creating too much expectation. Some birds may become very stressed upon arrival at their new home, causing them to move to the opposite side of the cage when you approach. It’s ok but you’ll have to give him space in the early days to get used to it.

Likewise, not all species can speak, and there are even some that, although they have abilities, sometimes do not choose to use them. The first thing you should do is determine if your pet can talk and if he can, know how far they can learn.

After a few weeks, remove the parrot from the cage.After a few weeks, remove the parrot from the cage.
  • The cage must be the right size. In proportion to the animal, it must be fully conditioned to be comfortable.
  • They like light and warmth so it should be in a bright but not too hot place.
  • Don’t leave him aloneIntegrate him into your family, let him see you walk, move and mostly listen to you talk.
  • Use sweets so that the birds gain their trust and want to learn.
  • Weeks pass get him out of the cage and interact with him to make him feel comfortable.

How to teach a parrot to talk

Create a program in which you will teach him words.Create a program in which you will teach him words.
  • Connect moments of the day with words : For example, Every time you enter a house, you can say hello, and every time you leave, you can say goodbye.You can vary what you say, such as “hello parrot” or “I’m leaving,” but the important thing is that it always happens at the same time and that the word means the same thing.
  • Have sessions with him : Having a routine will help your pet learn to talk. The sessions should be short at first and you can increase the time over time. Spend 10-15 minutes talking to your parrot.. You will have to use single words and repeat them, he won’t respond at first but eventually he will.
  • Match the words with the sweets : When you give him a piece of banana or pear tell him the name of the fruit he gives and when you finish saying something like “how delicious”, little by little the bird will begin to associate this word with the fruit and will talk to you when it wants one of them.
  • Avoid saying words that you don’t want him to repeat. : It seems stupid, but sometimes the way we say words Even if we don’t teach it, it will remain in the parrot’s some say swear words like “bastard”, it’s normal that we find it funny, but we should try not to repeat it unless you want them to say it to the visitor.
  • talk to him a lot : The most important thing is that you talk to him, tell him things, to sing songsor say small phrases, gradually the animal will respond to you, and you may even make a duet with a song.

Tips for parrots to learn faster

  1. Choose short words.
  2. repeat the word with enthusiasm and in different shades.
  3. If you see this pay more attention to some words or sounds, repeat them a lot, there are some words that interest these birds more and therefore they learn faster.

Consistency and patience are the key to success

There is no estimated time to teach a parrot to speak. There are birds that In a couple of months they are able to learn several individual words. and even phrases, while others may not say a single word. This is why it is so important to be patient and not give up on the process.

You must be consistent and do these steps for a few minutes every day. Remember that parrots are animals that live for many years, so don’t be discouraged if you see it taking longer than you expected. The important thing is that you communicate with your pet and that he is not stressed during training..

If you have persistence and patience, you can make your parrot talk.If you have persistence and patience, you can make your parrot talk.

Except, do reviews with himremind him from time to time the words that he already knows, it is very important that he does not forget them and finally, the most important thing: never yell at him or use violence towards him, this is completely counterproductive.

What to do if you can’t teach him to speak

Don’t be upset, there are many birds that either don’t have the ability to speak or don’t really want to, for that matter. Your pet’s personality greatly influences. However, if you’ve only been with her for a short time, don’t be discouraged; some may take one to two years to say their first word, so all is not lost.

Speech, interaction and socialization training They help strengthen the bond between you and your pet, so if your bird remains silent without saying a word, you can be sure that you will always have a good, kind companion who is very interested in you and what you have to say. After all, you love a pet unconditionally, whether it might paw you or, in this case, talk to you.

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