The cost of divorce and how to survive it

It must be taken into account that each law firm offers a different price for its services, which increases if minor children are involved in the case.

Divorce is a difficult and pleasant topic. Whether by mutual consent due to a deteriorating relationship or due to periodic fights with a partner, Divorce, in addition to emotional stress, also entails financial consequences.. One of the first steps a couple will have to take is to figure out if they want to get a divorce or separate because they are not the same. In the first option, the marriage between two candidates is finally put to an end. In the second case, this relates more to termination of cohabitation and in this case it affects more the joint property, although both are still married.

Once you have taken the step forward and chosen the option of divorce, you must remember that each law firm offers different prices its services and which will increase if there are minor children in the middle. But once we get to the point where we want to make a firm decision to separate, we will have to choose between two ways to do it: by mutual consent, this happens when both people have the desire to get a divorce; controversial, when the spouses do not come to an agreement and file for divorcewhich has a much shorter duration of about 13 months and with which you will save time and money.

Divorce by mutual consent

The benefits that you can see in this type of divorce are that the cost will be much less, since this happens in cases where people who are about to separate do not have a bad relationship and have agreed on it. Thus, spouses can share counsel and counsel in this case. Moreover, this step will be less slow than the controversial one, since it will only a lawsuit will have to be filedsigning of both a regular agreement and confirmation by the family court.

The first step is to figure out whether divorce or separation is best for the couple.The first step is to figure out whether divorce or separation is best for the couple.

Contested divorce

In this case, since the spouses do not reach an agreement, the process will take much longer, as will its cost. So this will have to be celebrated. a trial in which everyone will have to participate with their own lawyer and lawyer. This process will also be much more difficult if both names have joint assets or companies, or if there are minor children involved, since guardianship will also have to be handled. In general, lawyers for this type of service Usually their price varies from 800 to 1600.and for lawyers it is usually from 200 to 400 euros.

Express divorce

This happens when both people They want to divorce by mutual consent. and they want to do it as quickly as possible. In order for this to be carried out, certain requirements must be met, for example, 3 months have passed since the wedding and the couple agrees to the conditions. Thanks to this method, you will not have to go to court. Although procedures can be completed online, it is recommended keep your lawyer present at all times so that I can advise you on the guidelines. The cost of a lawyer for an express divorce usually costs from 100 to 120 euros.

It must be remembered that These prices are indicative only. and then each lawyer or solicitor will have different prices depending on the service the person wants. Thus, the indicated prices cover the interval between which the average legal costs lie.

With a divorce by mutual consent, the costs are significantly lower.With a divorce by mutual consent, the costs are significantly lower.

You can also choose the option hire a public defender, which will be completely free. Although for this you must first fulfill a number of requirements, among which are the following:

You must be Spanish or belong to a member state of the European Union. If you would like to request this foreign personTo do this, you will need to have a place of residence in Spain.

You must demonstrate that your income is low, so You don’t have enough money to pay a lawyer. If the divorce is by mutual consent, the income of both people is taken into account. Yes, on the contrary, This is a contentious divorce. Only the applicant’s income will be taken into account, which cannot exceed 18 thousand euros if they are a family of less than 4 people, and 22 thousand euros if they consist of 4 or more members.

Each law firm offers different prices.Each law firm offers different prices.

Except, those women who have suffered from gender-based violence They will have the right to a public defender.

So, after seeing all the costs that divorce entails, you will have to very prepared mentally and financially, because despite the bad moment that both experience when breaking up the relationship, they have to face a long process and paperwork. There are even people who decide to save money knowing all the expenses that lie ahead of them.

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