What to write on WhatsApp

There are many messenger apps on the internet, the most popular among them is WhatsApp, all the messenger apps have a common option, a similar option of “About” is also available in WhatsApp, but most users wonder what WhatsApp is. What to write about?

Today we will introduce WhatsApp About feature, also we have provided you many collection of quotes, poems and more to write on WhatsApp About, from which you can write your favorite poems, quotes on About section. .

WhatsApp What to write about me

What is WhatsApp about?

WhatsApp About is a feature provided in the WhatsApp app that lets you tell your friends and family about yourself. This feature is provided in most of the messenger apps. Here you can write good poems, quotes and more about yourself.

Many options are already given in WhatsApp: Available, Busy, At School, At the Movies etc. You can write all this about WhatsApp in one click. Let us know how you use it.

  1. First of all open your WhatsApp app
  2. Now click on the 3 dots on the top right and click on the Settings option.
  3. After that you need to click on your profile picture or name.
  4. After that, an “About” option will appear under your name, click on it.
  5. Here you’ll see a “Currently Installed” section that defaults to Hello! I use WhatsApp, you can text whatever you want instead.
  6. In addition, you will also see the “About Selection” section, in which many options are given to write on behalf of WhatsApp, you can choose one of the given options.

This way you can use this feature.

What to write on WhatsApp

You can write anything about WhatsApp. If you want to write poetry quotes, you can copy your favorite quotes and poems below and write them on WhatsApp.

relationship line

If you love it in your heart, if you don’t, you don’t have it in your mind.

The blood has not changed, neither the grief nor the passion has changed, listen again, the kingdom has not lost its position, the pride, the fear is still the same.

Weapons are kept only for the smell, the name alone is enough to create fear.

No matter how sharp your mind is, you cannot win without luck. Although Birbal was very clever, he could never become a king.

Don’t respect what the world says, don’t salute those who don’t agree with your conscience!

I may have many faults, but I also have one virtue, I do not maintain relationships with anyone for selfish reasons.

Tell me if you are satisfied, we like to reject, not wait…!

You have entered into life, but be careful, we give “life” but do not let “go”!!

If you want to win, improve your skills, even a dog gets a fortune bread.

Man must be right in his own eyes, the world is more miserable than God.

If you are going far, go slowly, just remember this; There is no habit of looking back here either!

Take advantage of my friendship because you cannot bear to lose my enmity.

Alexander, we came here willingly, but we came not with the world, but with our hearts.

Don’t think there’s no way out to sea when you see calm waves.. When it rises, it will rise as a storm.. Just don’t be determined to rise now..

If someone beats me and takes my life, I will accept it, but I will not give a second chance to cheaters.

Now you are aware of the magic of my eyes, we teach life even to those who wish for death.

A thousand sorrows cannot change my nature, I have a habit of laughing no matter what I do.

Not everyone can read me, I am a book with feelings instead of words.

We too were born decent, but we never built ourselves decent.

O Galib, don’t say peace… The Sunday of childhood will not come anymore.

Never live like a flower, the day you bloom you will break and scatter, if you want to live live like a stone, the day you are carved you will be “God”.

Killed and lost loved ones because of broken dreams.. otherwise happiness itself came to teach us to smile.

I am not your lucky rain. You will have to change your destiny to get me.

Even the people we taught to walk carefully are changing these days.

It is not enough to have an attitude, a smile can win the hearts of such people.

We die in the same way that people dream of living.

Don’t look at me sitting on the shore; If you want to understand me, go to sea and see.

He spoke, we listened, he continued to look for the answer in the eyes, in the tongue.

I am a slave to my family’s values, otherwise I have the ability to show people their status.

I would leave, but victory is my stubbornness, and I am the king of stubbornness.

I never thought of your love as a game, otherwise I played the game so much that I never lost.

Look crazy, everything looks good to a certain extent, except you look good beyond the limit.

Those who are ashamed of shame are ashamed, we are shameless, shame itself is ashamed of us.

Any girl’s relationship won’t last long in front of this guy.

I will never change my preferences for others, the other person has to change their preferences in order to like me.

Whether you see four thousand enemies or four thousand, you will defeat them all, my dear friend.

People don’t just have to be burned by fire, some can be burned by our style.

We are still kings in the pleasure of loyalty, leaving those who broke our hearts.

It is our habit to live in the hearts of our friends and in the heads of our enemies.

Only crazy people like us make history, smart people only read history.

You can change as you wish, but please note that if we do, you will continue to change sides.

Our love made you famous, unfaithful…otherwise you should have been in the headlines, you don’t deserve it!!

Don’t talk dirty, I’m one of those people who can drown a fish.

The girl said – The picture is well placed, I – Don’t take risks, it’s better than you.

My dear, why are you getting emotional, it’s a matter of beauty, I swear, there is a girl better than you who comes to my neighborhood to wash dishes.

No matter how cunning Ekka is, after all, the princess belongs to the king.

I was cute then and I’m just as cute today, the only difference is that the aunties were crazy then and their daughters are crazy today…

Visit me on Facebook today, more than you’ll ever dream of seeing the day I met you on Wikipedia.

Even a doctor doesn’t check my blood pressure like you check my blood pressure.

Listen you crazy girl, I don’t come to my heart, nor to my mind, wherever I go, I’m superior…

Some people think they are lions, but we are people who treat even lions like dogs.

That crazy mistress is proud to be the spring of the street, she’s not stupid, she knows we’re the bad boys of a town.

Audi also four bracelets in front of us, baby what city are you from?

Family members worry about what he will get, and friends worry about how much more he will get.

You close the doors of friendship a million times, I’m like the wind, I can come through the cracks.

See, there must be love in a crazy heart, Royal Enfield bike beats too..

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He finds a trap even in my silence. The world is very cunning and finds excuses for pleasure.

I laugh every day, but it’s been a long time since I felt happy.

I have a strange habit and a strange nature that whether I love it or hate it, I do it with great intensity.

The world is very strange, if you smile, people are jealous, if you are sad, they question.

These silences are not for nothing, my friend, some pain took away my voice.

They fell in love again, everyone says it’s good, did the second rain smell like mud?

If you have a crowd in your heart, don’t make your presence felt there, friends.

If it is not achieved, why is it sad? Some promises are short-lived.

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motivational quotes

First ask yourself who you want to be, then do what you want to do!

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission!

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything!

There are dreams of victory in the eyes, as if now every moment of life is ours!

You cannot learn the next lesson of your life until you remember the previous one!

There is one rule of life, never give up!

Life is easy but we make it difficult.

In this article we have learned about what to write on WhatsApp. We hope that you will definitely like the quotes and poems in this article and you will write one of these quotes and poems on WhatsApp.

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