How to choose the best alarm system for your home

The alarm system should be selected according to the type of home you have or want to have; Here are some characteristics of the most famous systems.

Electronic security alarm systems serve detect, warn and report that something has happened inside your home. Its function is not to deter or prevent the actions of a person who could break into the house, but simply to warn that an intruder may be near your home.

There are different types of alarm systems that need to be considered.There are different types of alarm systems that need to be considered.

These systems are very useful in combination with physical resistance, since intrusion protection is very effective if it manages to combine containment, detection and warning. It is logical that the sooner the intruder is detected, the less time the attacker will have to react At the same time, owners will be able to activate door and window locks and call the police.

Factors for choosing a good security system

There are up to 11 factors that influence the effectiveness of an installed security system. They may be included in evaluation criteria, feeding, detection, communication and implementation. We must remember that they are all important and we need to take them into account.

The level of quality they require varies depending on the risk to be covered, the type of home, usage habits and budget, but we must be clear that they must consider these 11 factors:

Alarms vary depending on the type of home in which they will be located.Alarms vary depending on the type of home in which they will be located.
  1. Training and methodology used for assessment and diagnosis.
  2. System power (its energy).
  3. Distribution board type.
  4. Quality of detector settings (threshold parameterization).
  5. Software programming.
  6. Communication type (APP, CRA or others).
  7. Line supervision.
  8. Check.
  9. Project design.
  10. Means.
  11. Intruder (physical tests with people).

Types of systems

  • Basic burglar alarm: This system is recommended for people who have a home, have high physical defense (i.e. an intruder cannot enter by climbing) and who want to improve their efficiency with an intrusion detection and warning system that notifies them directly via mobile phone.
  • Advanced Burglar Alarm System:These are those that have optimal power, two-way communication with line check every 15 minuteswith the ability to configure various scenarios for partial alarm connection, even while inside the house.
  • The advanced security alarm system is one of the most comprehensiveThe advanced security alarm system is one of the most comprehensive
  • Professional security alarm:Although CCTV is used in detection, its main strength is the credibility and detail that is maintained throughout the entire process, from assessment to implementation. This system, unlike the previous two, usually has no disadvantages.
  • Types of security alarms

  • Wireless alarm: It works through a wireless connection and the various elements communicate through radio. It is advisable to choose models with dual frequency systems as this ensures that the signal is not scattered and that The alarm will work even if there is a power outage in your home.
  • Wired alarms: This is one of the systems cheaper but they run on electricity, which prevents it from working in the event of a power outage. Likewise, if replacement or additional installation is required, you should always contact a specialized technician.
  • Wired alarm systems are cheaper to purchase.Wired alarm systems are cheaper to purchase.
  • Alarm system with mixed system: This home alarm includes Using a control unit built into the walls of your home. It is equipped with wireless sensors that are used to detect movement outside. When it comes to flushing systems, any type of replacement or modification is easy, but the downside is that the flushing part is located inside the house. While this may seem like the best option for your home, setting up the system is not very easy.
  • Ajax Alarms: This is a type of alarm You can configure, activate, deactivate and even control using your mobile phone. This system is wireless and ideal for businesses or chalets as its communication is based on GPRS. The connection is made via the 868 MHz radio frequency and according to its own protocol. It can be connected to an alarm receiving station to better monitor and control signals and alarms coming from the system.
  • Experts always recommend a wireless connection Because it has a high reliability index and maintenance costs are quite low. In addition, these systems guarantee longer detector battery life without compromising safety.

    A wireless connection is most recommended.A wireless connection is most recommended.

    Likewise, in open spaces the wireless signal It can reach a distance of up to two kilometers. It can be easily installed and is also compatible with simple or smart detectors connected to the alarm system.

    What is the main problem with alarm systems?

    What fails most often is design and implementation. Design is very important and its implementation inside your home is crucial because This is what will allow attackers to detect the security system or not.. Of course, where the alarm is installed is very important, as incorrect use can result in blind spots that obstruct vision.

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